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How to Have an Epic Lion King Movie Night


One of the most beloved Disney movies, The Lion King, is being released to the public for a limited-time. If you don’t already have the movie in your home movie collection, this is the perfect time to add it. While I have an older copy of the film in our movie collection, I’ve been going digital with all our movies, so I purchased it to add to our digital movie collection. In celebration of downloading the film to our Disney Movies Anywhere account, we hosted some friends for an unforgettable Lion King movie night. Below is everything you need to know to have the same fun experience with your children.

The best part of having a home movie night is to create food that is themed after the movie. The Lion King is easy to think of themed food snacks, and these are the foods that I served at our party.

Lion Logs
Who can forget the scene where Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa walk across a log singing Hakuna Matata? I recreated this scene by taking celery sticks, topping them with Sunbutter and then added some lion animal crackers. The kids loved this healthy party snack, and they were gone within minutes of our guest’s arrival.

A Lion King movie night would not be complete without some sort of bug themed food. I kept it simple by putting out a bowl of gummy worms. The kids felt just like Timon and Pumbaa while devouring this sweet treat.

Lion Tails
To create “lion tails” I served the kids Cheetos Puffs. They looked just like lion tails, and the kids loved having this vs. popcorn.

While I normally would serve a healthier drink, orange soda just seemed to fit the theme of the movie best. My kids loved the rare occasion of getting to drink soda, making it a special treat for them to enjoy with their friends.

We served pizza during the movie, and everyone enjoyed watching the classic movie under stars on our backyard movie screen. It was a night that we will never forget. The Lion King is currently available to download on Disney Movies Anywhere and will be available on DVD starting on August 29th.

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