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How to Help the Victims of the Boston Marathon

I was in Boston at the time of the bombings. The bombings directly affected me, my family, my friends and my community. The bombings affects all of us in Boston and across the Country. As my phone continues to ring from friends living in different parts of the Country, the same question is asked of me, “How can we help the victims of the Boston Marathon?”

The streets of Boston have always been alive with the spirit of history, commerce, family and community. If we the people are the lifeblood of America, these streets are the arteries that sustain and carry us. As I looked upon the blood-soaked streets of Boston this past April 15th, I am reminded of the horrors of a battlefield. My generation has never experienced war within our borders. I fear that has changed.

What hasn’t changed is the spirit of our people. History has shown that adversity brings out the best in Americans and these recent events are no different. Those that seek to weaken us have made us stronger. On these streets, I have lived, worked and loved. I will continue to do so, not with fear, but with pride. We are Boston Strong.

If you want to donate to help the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings, please donate at:


C. Jones has lived in Boston for the past twenty years. She works in the financial industry and is an Aunt to three young children.

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