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How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online


Having a tech-oriented career, I make an extreme effort to limit my kids time online. I make my kids wait until I feel that they are mature enough to have their own cellphones (my son was 16, and my daughter was 13), and they don’t have their own computers – we have a family computer. Since my son and daughter just got their first cell phones this year, I have been looking for devices to help me with monitoring their time and keeping them safe online. I did a lot of research at our local Best Buy, and one product stood out among the rest, CUJO.

What is CUJO? It is a firewall for your home that secures all of your family devices that are connected to the Wi-Fi router. It helps to block malicious sites, viruses, hacks all while giving parents tools to help keep their kids safe online. Some of the features I was excited about using are the parental controls, internet filters, time limits, social media monitoring, and the ability to pause the internet.

I installed CUJO about two weeks ago in our home, and it has been a great tool in keeping my kids safe online and helping me to ensure they are not abusing their gift of having online access. While I have a cellphone/device docking station in my kitchen where all devices are turned in by 7 pm, I still pause the internet before going to bed (just in case someone tries to sneak downstairs to text a friend late at night). Another feature that I love is the time limits. Since giving my kids their cellphones at the beginning of the school year, I noticed that they were spending too much time texting their friends, so the time limits help to ensure that they are not wasting precious homework time chatting online. Finally, there is the alerts and reporting. If you’re a helicopter mom like me, you’ll find yourself loving this feature so you can analyze all of your children’s online activity.

If you are a parent of teens or pre-teens, it is more important than ever to ensure they are safe and protected when having access to the internet. We can’t be standing over our kids 100% of the time monitoring their online activity, and tools like CUJO can help us to ensure they are safe and not abusing their time. I recommend every household having a CUJO installed. It is available at Best Buy for $249.

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