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How to Make Circus Animal Cookie Zootopia Bark


DIY Circus Animal Cookie Zootopia Candy Bark

An outdoor summer Zootopia movie party would not be complete without some fun animal-themed candy treats. When planning our summer Zootopia outdoor movie night, I made the kids some delicious circus animal cookie Zootopia bark.

Zootopia Candy Bark

Making candy bark is one of the easiest things parents can ever make for a party. It takes just a few seconds to make, and you can add virtually anything to the bark to theme it around your kid’s party. Since I was planning a Zootopia outdoor movie night, I wanted to make something colorful, festive, and animal-themed so I used circus animal cookies. The result – the kids loved it!!

Making Zootopia Candy Bark

All I needed to purchase was two ingredients (white chocolate morsels and circus animal cookies.) How did I make it? I poured one bag of the white chocolate morsels into a bowl and used the microwave (melt setting) to melt the chocolate. While the chocolate was melting in the microwave, I put some of the circus animal cookies into a small Ziploc bag and let the kids use their fists to smash them. When the chocolate was melted, I stirred in the cookies, and then poured it onto a foil covered cookie sheet. Within a few minutes, the chocolate had hardened, and I used my hands to break the bark into small pieces. Viola ~ party snack was made!

Making Zootopia Candy Bark with circus animal cookies

While watching Zootopia, the kids loved snacking on the Zootopia-themed circus animal cookie bark. It was sweet, colorful, and delicious. When planning your upcoming Zootopia outdoor summer movie night, surprise your guests with some of this simple circus animal cookie bark along with some “pawsicles“, and your party is guaranteed to be a smashing hit.

DIY candy Bark

Circus animal cookie bark

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Zootopia Movie Night

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