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How to Make Sure your Children are Protected in Case the Worst Happens

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Becoming a parent is one of the most rewarding things my husband and I have ever done.  I don’t think we ever realized how much we could love and how hard we would work to protect anyone in life until we had our children.  In planning for our family, we had a lot of questions about how to make sure our children are protected in case the worst did actually happen.

Determining “what” we needed to protect them was a bit overwhelming…we knew what we wanted to happen but really weren’t sure what it was called or who to go to to make it happen.  It scared us to think of a getting our plans in order and we wanted to make sure we did it with someone who really cared about us and would listen to us.

how to make sure your children are protected in case the worst happens for families

We sat down with Darlynn Morgan at Morgan Law Group to talk about how families can make sure their children are protected in case the worst does happen.  During a consultation, which is complimentary, Darlynn walks through exactly what happens…you walk away from a consult knowing what happens to your children and what happens to your money.  Yes, there are difficult topics to face but the conversation is one we all need to have.  Here are some of the options Morgan Law Group can discuss with families to make sure their children and finances are protected in case the worst happens.

Morgan Law Group how to make sure your children are protected in case the worst happens

Kids Protection Plan

You can start out with a Kids Protection Plan if you just want the basics covered regarding what will happen to your children if something happens to you.  This helps avoid the dreaded scenario where your children end up in Child Protective Services.  This is especially important if you have a lot of family out of state.

Will Based Plans and Living Wills

If you do not own a home or don’t have life insurance, a Will Based Plan may be right for you.  The difference between a Will and Trust is probate.  For those who do not have many assets yet, you may not have probate but want everything laid out clearly for your family and children.  A Will helps you identify who manages your money, when your children get access to funds and so on.

Trust Plan

If you own a home, have life insurance and other finances, a Trust Plan is something to consider.

When finding a lawyer to handle our planning, Morgan Law Group stood out from the rest because they really focus on family planning and have a lot of experience working with families.  Thus, they understands the big picture.  Morgan Law Group plans from a parents perspective and listens intently to what each person needs.   We also really found comfort in the flat fee services offered; because they agree upon the pricing in advance, there is no need to worry about additional fees when you call with questions.  With a complimentary three-year review, families can take comfort in knowing their plan reflects their “current state”.

how to make sure your children are protected

Darlynn Morgan has been a lawyer for seventeen years and has a history that allows her to really relate to her clients in a passionate way.  She had her dream life with her husband, home and career when she got a call from her husband at work indicating he was not feeling well.  After time in the ER and numerous tests, they were faced with the news that he had cancer. In their young 30’s, they went from their dream life to being told he had a few months to live and that they had to get their affairs in order.


Like most people, Darlynn had estate planning on her list of things to do.  Going through this process during this heart-breaking time, Darlynn took what she experienced and made the choice to ensure others would not go through what she did.

If you would like to learn more about how to plan for your family, there are a few events coming up in Orange County.  Morgan Law Group will be at Xpecting Maternity in Costa Mesa on September 12th at 6 pm and at Granola Babies in Costa Mesa on September 17th at 1 pm.  You can register online at or by calling 949-260-1400.

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