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How to Make your own Slip N Slide

Our children finished school last week; as a mom, it’s a bittersweet time.  The year is over, but that also means they are that much older.  School is out (Yay for not packing lunches!), but that also means the kids are home all day.

We still add in some homework over summer so the children stay fresh on their academic skills, but our main goals are…


deviation from a strict routine.

and FUN!

On the first day of summer, the children on our street all huddled together to decide what they wanted to do.  Thrilled that they were not inside asking for screen time, I supported their creativity.  After a meeting of the minds, they decided to:

make their own slip n slide!

make your own slip n slide

To make your own slip n slide, you will need:

1. A tarp

2. A grassy area

3. Dish soap

4. Water…from a hose works best

5. Excited children

slip n slide tutorial

The first step in making your own Slip N Slide is to lay the tarp down on a grassy area.

What you need to make a slip n slide

Lightly cover the tarp with water.  Place a few small drops of dish soap in scattered areas on the tarp.    Do not add too much or your Slip N Slide will be too slippery.

slip n slide summer activity

Find a good running strip and HAVE FUN!  🙂 Keep the hose nearby so you can add water if you need to.

take your slip n slide to the next level

If you want to take your Slip N Slide to the extreme sports level, grab your boogie boards!

Make sure you have extra grass after your tarp because you will slide even further on the boogie board!

Kids making slip n slide

Our kids experienced good old fashioned fun making their own Slip N Slide and we hope yours do as well if they try this summer activity.  Be sure to check back daily this summer for activities to keep your children engaged and having fun!

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