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How to Find the Best Faith-Based Credit Union


Girl at ATM

Financial Institutions have changed a lot over the years. When I was a child, my mom would go to the bank once a week to deposit checks, get cash, and talk with our local banker. The banker knew all our names, and would always say “hello” when bumping into each other around town. In this day in age, banking has become automated, and a lot of families feel like they have lost that personal connection with their financial institution, making it harder to find a credit union that still makes you feel like they care.

Faith Based Credit Union

When looking for a credit union that has the same personalized feeling like you once had, it is important to find one that has values and supports your faith. A financial institution that won’t treat you like a number and will help your family with long term financial planning like Evangelical Christian Credit Union (ECCU).

The importance of Mission Trips

ECCU helps to support causes aligned with your faith and invests in important social causes. In 2005, ECCU had awarded $4.58 million in grants to ministries and helped to fuel Christ-centered ministry by providing loans to churches and low-cost banking services to missionaries and Christian organizations.

Mexico Mission Trip

After doing a lot of missionary work with my children in Mexico, I learned how important it is for missionaries to have a place that will help support their work around the world financially, and that is why ECCU aligns with my personal family values. When I was in Mexico with my children earlier this year, and we came across a family who needed help finishing a septic tank that a construction crew left unfinished. ECCU is an organization where missionary groups like ours could reach out for financial help to change lives like that one family that we helped in Mexico.

Digging a septic tank for a family in Mexico

Digging a septic tank for a family in Mexico

At ECCU they do more than just find the best interest rates for their customers and actually care about their relationship with their clients and the community. If you are a faith-based family, ECCU is the perfect credit union for your family, and for a limited-time, you can try their services without paying a membership fee (new members only). There has never been a better time that now to try working with a financial institution that aligns with your faith, values, and ethics. Learn more about ECCU online at

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