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How to Set-up the Canary Home Security System

Sponsored by Verizon

Canary Home Security System

Home security is important for every family. We have had multiple attempted break-ins over the past year and have found it more important than ever to increase security at our house. We recently received the Canary home security system that provides in-home security that can be managed from your smartphone device. It is motion sensor so that if an intruder breaks into your home, you’ll get a notification on your smartphone device where you can sound an alarm and contact the local law enforcement.

Canary Home Security

Canary Home Security and Verizon

Learning how to use the Canary Home Security System

We have purchased many home security devices in the past that are challenging to set-up, but I found that the Canary home security system is so simple to set-up. In fact, it was so simple to set-up that my children helped with most of the installation process, and I had the added sense of security within minutes.

Verizon fuels Canary Home Security

Step one:
Download the Canary Smart Home Security App.

Canary Home Security App

Step two:
Find a perfect place in your home for your Canary. Plug it into the wall using the included black power cable.

Attaching Canary Home Security to power source

Step three:
Select on the app what part of the home you are placing the device.

Where to place the Canary Home Security

Step four:
Activate your system. If the system you purchase has Bluetooth, then touch the top of the device until it flashes blue. If not, plug the yellow cord into the Canary and your smartphone to activate. Our system did not have Bluetooth, so I added my wifi code, plugged in the yellow wire, and allowed Canary access to my smartphone.

Activate the Canary Home Security System

Bluetooth pairing the Canary Home Security

Kids setting up the Canary Home Security

connecting Canary Home Security to wifi

secure connection for Canary Home Security

non bluetooth Canary Home Security set-up

enable Canary Home Security connection

connecting the Canary Home Security

connected Canary Home Security

Step five:
The set-up is complete. Now you can begin using your Canary home security system.

Canary Home Security device update

welcome to the Canary Home Security system

You can watch your home live at any time, or you can just wait for push notifications when there is movement in your home. The system also monitors the temperature, humidity and air quality in your home. I now have the added piece of mind that my home is protected while away thanks to the Canary home security system, and I can stream videos from my Canary using my Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone powered by Verizon.

watch the Canary Home Security live

living room feed for Canary Home Security

Canary Home Security home health

Canary Home Security activity notification

notice of activity detected with Canary Home Security

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