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Hugh Jackman Soars in ‘Eddie the Eagle’

We attended the interview as a guest of 20th Century Fox.

Hugh Jackman in Eddie the Eagle

A ski jumper who never stopped believing in himself. With the help of a rebellious and charismatic coach played by Hugh Jackman, he takes on the team, and wins the hearts of sports fans around the world in “Eddie the Eagle.”

Jackman plays a troubled coach who learns that disappointments in life can either harm or propel one to have a better, more fulfilled life. As a Mom, my interview with Jackman was one of the most engaging, insightful interviews I’ve ever attended. Jackman was forthright in providing insight into why this role meant so much to him as a father of two children.

Jackman gladly took the challenge of playing the coach in “Eddie the Eagle,” because in his words, “It is a movie that helps people understand that they don’t have to win to be a winner.” He went on to say, “You don’t have to be LeBron James, you can be the schoolteacher down the road and be a winner!”


“You have to give with your heart. You have to give it your all, and you’ve got to love it. That’s it. It’s okay, and that is enough.” Hugh Jackman

When Hugh Jackman was 19-years-old, he remembers the real life skier Eddie and how Australia was enthralled by his drive to succeed. Jackman always loved the story. “It’s a uncynical film that is a rarity these days, and I’m so thrilled my kids get to see a movie that finally tells the message that you don’t actually have to win to be a winner! It taps into everybody’s desire to find the thing they love, to overcome whatever obstacles they’re going through and to do it to the best,” said Jackman. He continued to say, “It’s even more fulfilling to be a parent and to act in roles that send a valuable message.”

I asked him if he was able to bring his children to the location while filming and he said with an emphatic tone, “Yes, it was fantastic to be able to have them there with me.”

I couldn’t help but smile, and relate to him as a parent when he expressed how his kids get bored all the time with the waiting around the production set while he is filming. “You have to be very quiet and what child wants that? It takes many shoots to get it right and as you can imagine, kids can be so bored,” said Jackman.

Jackman tries to connect with younger generations in his films and said, “When you’re at a young age, and you’re dealing with so many fears in life, it can be daunting. This movie just spoke to me.”


“This is a wonderful story of how you become a young man or woman. The answer is not to worry what other people think of you, and just keep doing the things you love and keep doing it with a positive attitude,” Hugh Jackman.

When it comes to guiding his children to pursue their dreams, Jackman said, “I believe in letting kids be kids, for as long as possible, follow their passions and then work hard at it. Because even the thing you love to do is going to be a pain at some point in your life.”

Just like many parents, parenting was different from what Jackman thought it would be. “I had a more romantic view of parenting. It is more challenging than anything I’ve ever done, and some of the emotions that it stirs up are nothing I’ve ever felt before,” said Jackman.


“Parenting pushes buttons that haven’t been pushed in years. Before my wife and I had kids, we were sailing along, and it just amazes me how you are only as happy as your unhappiest child. So your whole life becomes basically around your kids well-being.” Hugh Jackman

It’s not surprising to learn that Jackman is named “Sexiest Man Alive,” and is up for an Oscar next year; but on a deeper, more introspective viewpoint, he understands the importance of a positive attitude and perseverance just like “Eddie the Eagle” has in this film.

Jackman is excited for children to embrace the powerful message that “Eddie the Eagle” conveys and he understands the powerful impact movies play on children. It is his desire to share these kinds of movies more often.

He would like children to walk away with healthy new perspectives, and understands that it’s not about being the top winner or a medaled Olympian, it’s about knowing you have given your heartfelt best.”


“This movie taps into everybody’s desire to find the thing they love. Hopefully, this film will sink in for our kids.” Hugh Jackman

I believe it will.

Don’t miss seeing Hugh Jackman in “Eddie the Eagle” in theaters, February 26th.

Don’t miss seeing Hugh Jackman in “Eddie the Eagle” in theaters, February 26th. Learn more about the film online, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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