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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Huntington Beach Surf School


Have your kids ever wanted to learn how to surf? Don’t know where to go? We have found the best place for your kids to learn how to surf in Orange County at the HB Surf School.


My older son has been wanting to learn how to surf, but is deathly afraid of going out far in the ocean. My husband and I have a love for the ocean, and want to share it with our kids. When my son was just a toddler he got spooked when a squid came up to his mask while snorkeling with us in Hawaii. Ever since that day, we had no luck in getting him past “where he could touch” in the ocean.


Now that he is in Junior High, a lot of his friends are surfing. He keeps telling us how much he wants to surf, but he can’t get past that bad experience in Hawaii.

I started looking into different surf schools in the area, and the one thing that stood out to me the most was the HB Surf School. The founder, Bill Sharp, has spent his life surfing and has been successful in teaching children (some who it was their first time in the ocean) how to surf. The former pro has designed a unique surfing technique that gets kids standing up quickly so they have a successful and positive experience.


The other important fact about this school is that they are licensed, insured and sponsored by The City of Huntington Beach. With all the surfing instructors in the popular surfing destination of Huntington Beach, the city endorses this one company, because they truly are the best.




We came down to Huntington Beach on a warm Saturday afternoon after making reservations for lessons. They quickly got the kids into their wetsuits (provided by the surf school) and sat everyone down in the classroom. Before anyone took a step onto the sand, Bill Sharp, gave the kids an in-depth lesson on surfing and safety.




Then it was time to hit the waves! Andrew was nervous and excited all at once. They were given a short demo on the sand, and into the ocean they went. I stood on the shoreline expecting Andrew to panic like he has done so many times in the past, but within just minutes, he was catching his first wave.




My biggest surprise was my daughter. She fell in love with the sport and the two of them spent hours surfing under the guidance of their instructor. My youngest seven-year-old son was dying for his chance to try surfing too, and successfully stood-up on his first attempt to surf.



When it was time for their lesson to end, the kids didn’t want to get out of the water. With their teeth chattering from the cold water, they kept saying “just a few more times mom?”


After their lesson, the kids helped to clean the boards and got dressed into warm clothes before having lunch at the neighboring Sandy’s restaurant. Their surfing experience was something that they have not stopped talking about, and they can’t wait to come back for more lessons.



I recommend that your kids be at least 8 years old, but 10+ to get the most out of their experience. Your children also need to be able to swim.


What to bring:

Bring a towel, change of clothes & your camera. (come in your swimsuit) The surf school will provide everything else you need for a killer experience. There is a building where your bags can be locked securely while surfing.



If it is your kids first time surfing, we recommend the private lessons for $140. Group lessons for two or more people is $90 per person. There is also a Learn to Surf program and Basic Surf Lessons available.


Summer Camp:

This camp is #1 on our kids list of summer camps in Orange County, and they start the week of June 16th. The weeklong camps are $255 week. They are expected to fill-up quickly, I recommend making your reservation today.



They are located right next to the Huntington Beach Pier in the Community Services building behind Duke’s and Sandy’s.


Where do you sign-up?

Online at or by calling 714-658-6873.

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  1. Love HB surf school. Bill is a such a great teacher and I always point people in his direction for lessons. He is very patient and will get anybody up and riding their first day. The best in HB for sure.


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