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I Loved Nursing But it Destroyed My Breasts


Shelby and Andrew

Having children takes its toll on a mother’s body. When my oldest son was adopted, I wanted the best for him. I wanted him to have the best nutrition possible, so I met with a lactation consultant who assisted me with bringing in a milk supply to try and breastfeed him. I took special supplements and pumped, and pumped, and pumped the life out of my breasts attempting to produce milk, and was unsuccessful.

Tyler in Shelby's Belly

Then when my youngest child was born biologically, I again tried to breastfeed and was successful. I was so successful with nursing that I nursed my youngest son for almost three years. Once I was finished breastfeeding him, my breasts were lifeless, droopy, and rested on my stomach without support.

Shelby nursing Tyler

Sleeping Tyler

I have never felt the same about my body since nursing. I feel less confident when wearing a swimsuit, in my clothes, and in front of my husband.

Having a consultation at CosmetiCare

Ever since beginning to have services done in the CosmetiCare medspa, I started thinking about the possibility of having my breast done. Not because I want to have massive breasts, but because I want my body to be as it was before nursing, and feel good in my skin again.

Shelby with tyler

Give me more milk Mom!!

Ever since the New Year began, I have been focusing on my health and have lost almost 30 pounds as of today. As I have watched my weight disappear, I’ve also watched my breast shrink and sag even more than when I was heavy. So, I finally made the decision to schedule a consultation with Dr. Niccole for a breast augmentation.

Tyler Got Milk

I am going to be sharing my journey over the next couple of months on going through this transformation process. Stay tuned for my next story on my virtual consultation with Dr. Niccole at CosmetiCare. Save 10% on your next procedure by using the discount code Shelby100.

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