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Ideas for outgrown baby clothes and toys

Children grow at a rapid pace, mentally as well as physically, and one disadvantage of this is having piles of clothes that never get worn or get worn only a couple of times. It’s really disheartening to see how quickly children outgrow clothing and toys that were selected with such great care. In this article, you can find out what should you do with the things your baby is not using anymore.

What to do with clothes that are too small for your little one?

One of the options is to sell the old baby clothes, which most parents decide to do. Additionally, you can store your favourite ones or get creative with them and give them new life. Suppose your baby is no longer able to wear their favourite pyjamas, you could turn them into a teddy bear or blanket! One of the great options is donating the clothes/toys you do not use anymore, to help those in need.

Decide what needs to go

Divide the clothing, toys, and stuffed animals you no longer need into three separate piles:

  • Store items for younger/future children or grandchildren (only the most special things that still look great).
  • Sell – If you sell the items, you can invest the change in your little ones toy collection, quality baby formula or use it to get something nice for yourself.
  • Donate what’s not likely to bring you much money, but what is truly needed by others who cannot afford it themselves.

Once you have three different piles, you have to figure out how to store, sell and donate the items.

How to store items you would like to keep?

Ensure that each garment is clean and stain-free prior to storing it away by laundering or dry cleaning it.

The next step is to fold the items and keep them organized by size. You can store the clothes in vacuum storage bags. In each storage bag, place only one size so that everything stays organized and is easy to find in the future. Be sure to label each vacuum storage bag with the size of the clothing it contains!

After the outgrown baby clothes have been sorted by size and sealed in vacuum storage bags, they can be placed inside large plastic storage containers.

Where to sell the items?

One of the best options is to sell items online – If you know the items’ resale value, and you have the time to go through the steps of photographing and listing each item yourself, the Facebook Marketplace or branded resale groups will be the most profitable. Consider shipping and PayPal fees when pricing your items, and choose a neutral, safe, public location if you plan to have them picked up locally.

Where to donate the items?

A lot of thrift stores and mission stores accept donations, you could just drop in and offer the donations. One other option is to donate items to your local churches, schools and community centres. Another way is to check Facebook groups, there are a lot of groups on Facebook where you can give stuff away for free or even exchange items if you’re in need of something.

Final thoughts

So there you have it, organizing your baby’s outgrown clothes and toys is relatively straightforward and can be done quickly when you set your mind to it. Plus added bonus is that you can have extra space plus earn some money back to invest into baby’s quality nutrition for instance. Happy organizing!


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