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The Importance Of Being A Life-Long Learner While Working From Home

Learning is a lifelong activity. If anything that the past year has taught us is that there is more than one way to learn. With so many kids being at home, remote learning, or hybrid learning – which is a style of being on campus some days and at home on others – it’s been proven that the traditional learning model is outdated. 

Through it all, what we’ve learned is that there are alternatives to any model. Take the example of kids learning online. 

A traditional classroom has an attendance bell, assigned seating, and a disciplined schedule where a lot of the classroom decorum is a give and take between teacher and student. 

Teachers have had to adapt to how they infer what a student is thinking with the virtual learning environment rather than observe body language and other physical cues like in a traditional classroom setting. 

That is unless the teacher’s screen freezes and the students all know that the instructor can’t see or interact with them. Of course, nobody tells the teacher, who continues presuming the class is attentive, really though it’s the modern-day prank on a teacher. 

Of course, the downside of at-home instruction is that much of the lesson follow-up and tutoring falls on the shoulders of you, the parent.  I don’t know about you, but new math isn’t that fun. (What’s new about math anyway?)

Online Resources For Life-Long Learning

I’ve compiled a list of online resources to help you in a previous post, where I write about some awesome online learning websites that will help guide you in your more hands-on approach toward your student’s education. 

Websites like Discovery Education will help you and your child with their homework. Others like Hippo Campus help those older learners from middle-school through college with over 5,700 educational videos. 

With all the resources to assist with your kid’s learning, the question to ask is, what about yourself? 

What are you doing to grow and educate yourself? 

For some, learning is something they enjoy by reading on a new subject as their go-to way. 

While for others learning a new topic, skill, or career enhancement is something to do at your own pace. For those who don’t have a lot of time, energy, and/or want to be the learn-at-your-own-pace crowd, I’d recommend a service like uDemy, Khan Academy, or Coursera. 

For specialty learners, you can check out different coding classes for adults or explore career enhancement programs. 

The Benefits Of Learning

The benefits of being a life-long learner are that by learning a new skill or task, you’re developing a better understanding of how things work, understanding the struggles your kids are experiencing with remote learning, and gaining valuable knowledge in the process. 

An added benefit is that you’re forcing yourself to grow as a person by continuing to learn. And in so doing, you’re gaining more confidence by achieving something with each and every lesson completed. 

Regardless of why you want to learn something, the key is to find a topic that will interest you and keep you engaged over a period of time. 

You can try to learn something new in short intervals of 30 minutes. I know you’re thinking, “30 minutes? Who has 30 minutes free in their day?” 

Well, if you can find time before the kids wake up, after they go to bed, or even take that 30 minutes and break it up into smaller time periods, you can get a lot done by how you prioritize what little time you do have.  

Compartmentalize Your Day 

Much like having to compartmentalize your day to be effective with work-from-home careers, it’s just as essential to make learning a priority. 

Compartmentalizing your workflow means that you need to treat work-from-home the same as you would at an office. You’d get ready and go to work, have breaks throughout the day, and when work was over for the day, it meant it was over for the day. 

By compartmentalizing your work-from-home requirements from your daily life, you’ll be better adept at managing the stress of work and have more energy to focus on the things that matter, like your family and yourself. 

Keep in mind that being a lifelong learner doesn’t have to be a massive undertaking. Taking small tasks that make you better in small doses can get the job done much more manageable. Setting aside even 30 minutes every other day, even if those 30 minutes are broken up throughout the day, it’s essential to focus on your personal growth

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