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The Importance of Testing for Prostate Cancer


Shortly after meeting my husband, his Grandfather was diagnosed with prostate cancer. It was a very scary time for our family, but because my Mother-in-law was on top of his healthcare, it was caught early, and he was able to survive for many years following the diagnosis and removal of his prostate.

Prostate cancer is something that men should be checked regularly for, and with women making 80% of the health care decisions in the family according to the U.S. Department of Labor, it is key for us as women to encourage the men in our lives to get tested.

One way that men can test for prostate cancer with with Prolaris. Prolaris is a cancer test that can measure the aggressiveness of a man’s prostate cancer. The test provides a score that gives both the patient and the physician additional information, that no other test can provide. If Prolaris was available when my husbands Grandfather had prostate cancer, it would of played a vital key in knowing exactly how aggressive his cancer was.

Prostate cancer is a health risk that needs to be monitored for men. As women, we are influential in our families health making decisions, especially for the men in our lives. Knowing that prostate cancer runs in my husbands family, I am always making sure to schedule regular physicals for my husband along with testing for prostate cancer. If I did not make these appointments for him, I know that he would go years without ever stepping foot into his doctors office. During my husbands next physical, I am going to talk with his doctor about having him tested for prostate cancer with a Prolaris test.


Mom, you have so many titles, perhaps the most important of which is CMO. Chief Medical Officer of your household. You’re stocking the medicine cabinet, dragging out the humidifier, reminding kids “don’t scratch that”, throwing a quick multivitamin at anyone you can, and harassing your loved ones to get to the doctor. But sometimes it takes a bribe. So we’re bribing BOTH OF YOU. You and the man in your life—we’ve got a $2,000 Grand Prize up for grabs. $1000 for you, and $1000 for that man that you keep having to remind to be mindful of his health.

To enter to win, just submit his email address and yours.

You’ll be entered to win. He’ll receive three short emails. (We promise, only three.) These emails will include information and reminders to help him stay on top of his prostate health.
To sweeten the deal, we have a whole bundle of prizes for runners up including a Traeger Grill (Pro Series 34 Pellet Grill), Yeti Tundra Haul Cooler, and five winners will each get a $100 gift card.

Winners will be selected using so get going! We’ve even included a few ways for you to get extra entries!

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Talk to your healthcare provider about whether or not the Prolaris test is right for you and
learn more about Prolaris here. ​

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Prolaris.

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  1. I’m a late night web md mom for sure.

  2. So important

  3. Both my husband and I are health nuts. Always looking up different options on the web that are more healthier and safe, which Doctors perform the best in surgeries and have higher rate of success… There’s always different amd better choices. Will be sharing this for sure to make others more aware. Thank you!

  4. My dad passed away from prostate cancer so this is a subject near to my heart

  5. I am the one making appts for my 5 guys! Even though 3 of them are adults, I still do it! Even as a cancer survivor for 5 years I still tend to put their health first. I need to have a ct scan but the deductible is ridiculous now. I know just how important it is to have test done so this would be so helpful in getting my husband in!

  6. This is amazing reminder of the importance of screening. 😁

  7. I try to feed my family the right foods and stay active to keep us healthy! Also try to go chemical free as much a possible.

  8. I definitely am a googler, BUT I don’t solely rely on what I find there.

  9. CommentI definitely am a googler. WebMD is my go to site, as well as the Mayo clinic.

  10. I am the late-night WebMD mom.

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