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Important Homeowner Maintenance with ARS HVAC Tune-ups


What’s an HVAC? I know…I said the same thing when I heard it, but when was the last time that you had your furnace or air conditioner serviced? (aka HVAC) I’ll be honest when saying that I never even knew that my furnace and air conditioner ever needed a tune-up. I have my windows and carpets cleaned, and air filters replaced on a regular basis, but after living in our home for over ten years, I have never had our HVAC unit serviced.


When talking to someone at our local home improvement store, and learning about the importance of having our units serviced, I turned to the most well-known company in the industry, ARS. Why do a tune-up? It’s no surprise that the heating and air conditioning system are the most expensive systems in our homes, and very important for keeping our kids (and ourselves) comfortable. By doing regular maintenance on your HVAC unit, it can extend the life of the unit, and help to avoid the unnecessary expense of having to replace the unit too soon.


We had ARS come out on a Saturday morning when both my husband and I were home. The technician was nice, knowledgeable and walked us through every step of the process. It was not a “come in my house, do your thing, and leave” home maintenance service. What he found was that there was too much natural gas going into our house adding an extra expense to our utility bill, so within the first ten minutes, they were already helping us save money.


Before he was done, the technician brought down the parts of the unit that he had recommended replacing. We were lucky, that after not having our HVAC unit serviced for the past 10 years that nothing was broken, and we are aware of the parts that will need to be repaired within the upcoming months or years. It gave us piece of mind knowing what we are up against, and gave us the ability to plan for that upcoming homeowner expense.

One of the main reasons, that we were lucky to have a well performing HVAC units after 10 years of no maintenance is partly thanks to my husband. Since he worked for a local air filtration company for many years, he has always replaced the air filters in our home on a regular basis – if you don’t already do that – start today!

What will ARS do when coming out to your house for a tune-up?

  • Clean blower compartment—a dirty blower wheel loses efficiency and increases heating costs
  • Inspect and tighten wiring and connections to avoid higher operating costs and expensive repairs
  • Clean and adjust burners to maximize furnace efficiency
  • Visually inspect heat exchanger
  • Visually inspect gas pressure and flame operation
  • Inspect for proper operation of ignitor or pilot light
  • Inspect and vacuum indoor filter for top efficiency and air quality (filter will be replaced if you supply replacement)
  • Check for proper airflow including inspection of the flexible ducting, ductwork and connections to ensure peak performance
  • Plus more safety and efficiency checks

Why ARS Recommends having your furnace repaired:

1. Having your furnace tuned-up helps it to work properly. When dirt builds up in your furnace, it causes friction. That friction forces the system to consume more energy, resulting in a higher energy bill. By getting a maintenance checkup, you can extend the life of the furnace and also save money on your monthly bill.
2. When your furnace ducts have a buildup of dirt, turning on your system can create a burning-like scent in your home. This scent is not only bothersome, but could also result in an actual fire.
3. When dirt gets in to the air filter of your furnace that can lead to the decline of heat being generated. You’ll notice a difference from room to room; some being too cold and some too hot.
4. A clean and well maintained furnace will be able to operate at its best efficiency and your home will be more comfortable as a result.


Use can use the code OCMOMMY to save 25% off a furnace tune-up!
You can use this by going online and inputting that in the Promo Code section.

The fine print…

Valid only at participating ARS® / Rescue Rooter® Network Locations. Not valid for third party, new construction customers, with any other offers or discounts, or prior sales. Coupon required at time of service. Void where prohibited. See service center for details. Cash value $.001. Offers expire 12/01/14.

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  1. We can pay less on our HVAC repairs in the future if we take care of it today. At home, we make it a hobby to change the filters, too, on a regular basis. That way, we save up a few bucks intended for the system’s repair. Thank you for this post!

  2. You most definitely want to be maintaining your HVAC system throughout the year to avoid costly repairs.

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