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Incredibles 2 English Muffin Pizzas

Sample provided

In celebration of the recent digital release of Incredibles 2 on Movies Anywhere and the upcoming release of the film on Blu-ray and DVD on November 6th, I surprised the kids by making them Incredibles 2 themed English muffin pizzas for our family movie night.

Once we were done playing games, my family came into the kitchen to enjoy the delicious mini pizzas that I made for dinner. The English muffin pizzas are easy to make and take a little extra time to create the most important part – the Incredibles 2 logo out of string cheese and olives, but it is worth it ~ my kids loved the look of the pizzas so much!

Have fun making these fun and tasty English muffin pizzas for your upcoming Incredibles 2 family movie night. Download Incredibles 2 now using Movies Anywhere and add it to your home movie collection forever by purchasing it on Blu-ray and DVD starting on November 6th.

1 Package of english muffin pizzas
1 Package of pepperoni
1 Jar of pasta sauce
1 Package of string cheese
1 Small jar of crushed olives


1. Put a small amount of tomato sauce on the english muffins

2. Cover the tomato sauce with pepperoni

3. Using the crushed olives, make a small circle in the center of the pizzas

4. Take a small knife and cut pieces of the string cheese to make the Incredibles 2 logo

5. Cook at 425 for <> minutes

6. Enjoy!

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