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Incredibles 2 Teen Review

We attended the screening as a guest of Disney

I have been waiting ten years for this movie to come out and the suspense killed me. When my mom told me that we were going to an early screening to watch the Incredibles 2, I literally started screaming. The day we were going to see I was finishing my finals and thought that seeing this movie was the perfect way to start my summer.

My older brother and I shared some of our favorite Incredibles quotes on the way to THe Disney Studio Lot to watch the film. My older brother was even more excited than I was to see the movie because he has been waiting for two more years than I have. We both told each other what we predict will happen after that closing scene of the first movie.

When we entered the theater, we found us some seats with the perfect view of the whole screen and anticipatedly counted down the minutes until the movie would begin. When the entire theater quieted, and the music started to play, I already knew I would love, and I can make a pretty good guess that my brother felt the same. We watched the reds, blacks, and oranges on the screen go along with the theme song of the Incredibles (a song we all knew VERY well.)

The movie started, and we finally figured out what happened after that last scene of the first film. I’m not going to tell you because you need to experience it for yourself, but trust me when I say it was worth the wait. Another thing that made the movie worth the ten-year wait was that the detail of the film was terrific. I could tell where all of the special features were added (especially to Edna’s bob 😉

The story-line of the movie was not what I expected it to be; I think it was better. The whole film was emotional. I was either laughing, or crying, or scared for what was going to happen. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the screen while the film was playing and was on the edge of my seat in suspense. That is probably the thing that surprised me most about the movie was how suspenseful the whole thing was. Or maybe that’s just me from 10 years of waiting.

The Incredibles 2 is out in theaters today and if you’re not already convinced to see it, let me tell you that you will want to see it. If you haven’t seen the first Incredibles film make sure to watch that before going to see this and don’t forget to take your kids. I know everyone has been waiting or this, but DO NOT forget to bring your younger ones. They will like it too, even if they weren’t born when the first one came out. Incredibles 2 is a must see and is now added to my list of favorite sequels. Go see Incredibles 2 in theaters now!

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