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Inside Look into ‘Earth to Echo’ with Producer Andrew Panay

We attended as a guest of Relativity Media
Earth to Echo

The film “Earth to Echo” is coming into theaters on July 2nd, and it is our kids favorite film of the summer! They got a chance to talk to the cast of the film, and I got a unique opportunity to talk with the producer, Andrew Panay.

Photo Credit: Patrick Wymore

Photo Credit: Patrick Wymore

The talent had such a great chemistry in the film, and we talked to the creators about the casting process. “The casting process was tough. We found all these actors, about four or five days before we started shooting,” said producer, Andrew Panay.

“I remember we were looking for authenticity. We casted these kids because they felt real.” Andrew Panay

Their who goal of the film was to speak to the next generation of kids. Remember ET or The Goonies? This is the film for our kids generation. “I think what we wanted to do is create as much authentic feel as possible ’cause of the style of the movie and how would Goonies be done today.” said Panay.

When watching the film, the number one thing that my kids asked was “did the kids really film that with their gopro and iphone?”

Photo Credit: Patrick Wymore

Photo Credit: Patrick Wymore

They have done something that no other filmmaker has done before by using footage from an iphone in a major motion picture film. Two of the scenes were shot on the iphone. “On the iPhone, yes. So, that was really fun,” said Panay. The two scenes that were shot on a iphone are when Tuck is doing a confessional at the home, and when Munch is in the truck.

“It’s compelling. I wouldn’t call this movie a kids’ movie. I think it’s unfair. I think the movie’s a family movie.” Andrew Panay

Photo Credit: Patrick Wymore

Photo Credit: Patrick Wymore

There is so much emotion in the film that so many kids (including ours) could relate too. “You really underestimate kids and the power that they understand feelings and they understand how a song makes you feel. And they’re so advanced emotionally. We just didn’t want to play games with them, and let’s just play it straight and let’s play it real, and let’s live by our convictions.” said Panay.

Photo Credit: Patrick Wymore

Photo Credit: Patrick Wymore

“We said we weren’t going to talk down to them. Let’s just own it all the way through the movie. And I think it paid off. I think parents appreciate it too, so you guys don’t have to sit in a movie that just feels so phony and everyone’s so–everyone’s, like, running around like, “Oh, it’s so great. It’s–you know, everything’s perfect.” Andrew Panay

Don’t miss bringing your kids to see the summer blockbuster hit film “Earth to Echo” opening in theaters on July 2nd.

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