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Inside Look into The Magical World of Tomorrowland

We attended the interview as a guest of Disney

Photo courtesy of Disney

Photo courtesy of Disney

What is the film “Tomorrowland” about? That was the question that I had before bringing my kids to Los Angeles for a pre-screening of the upcoming Disney film. Is it a sci-fi movie? Action? Mystery? I had no idea what to expect, and what we experienced in the theater was having a true magical masterpiece take us on an adventure of a lifetime. The day following the screening I sat down in a room with all the actors, producer and director to get more of an in-depth look into the making of “Tomorrowland.”


I got a seat in the front row directly in front of George Clooney who is not only captivating by his appearance but also his down to earth personality. He started right in by saying, “I think it is a really bold thing for Disney to be willing to do a film that isn’t a sequel and isn’t a comic book, to really invest in a summer film of this sort.” After being pitched the screenplay, Clooney immediately liked the idea of the film. “We see generations now feeling as if it’s sort of hopeless, in a way, and what I love about it is it sort of speaks to the idea that your future is not preordained and predestined, and that if you’re involved, a single voice can make a difference and I believe in that. I happen to believe in it, and so I loved the theme or the idea that, you know, there’s still so much that we can all do to make things better. And I liked it. I thought it was great,” said Clooney.


While the popularity of Clooney as an actor will bring people into the theaters to see the film, it was truly the extremely talented Raffey Cassidy who plays Athena in the film who steals the show. She was a favorite to all of my children and also to the cast. Britt Robertson who plays the role of Casey in the film said, “I think Raffey played Mom a lot, especially with George and I, you know? She was constantly just trying to keep us focused and funny enough, that’s how she is in life too. I mean, not intentionally, but she’s so professional and so focused herself, you know. I oftentimes would look over and be like, “Yeah, okay, right, this is what we’re doing. This is what we’re doing.” But we had such fun together and we had such a great time. We spent a lot of time together, just between stunt training and then obviously filming the movie. So I think our dynamic off-screen probably helped a lot of our chemistry on-screen as well.” Then Raffey responded to her role of keeping everybody in line by saying, “Well, I tried my best.”

Photo courtesy of Disney

Photo courtesy of Disney

The film is speaks to children a lot about hope and promise. When the actors of the film were asked, what things they would do to make the world a better place, they said…

“If I could change something in the world and get rid of any technology or anything, but keep the cool cars and everything.” Raffey Cassidy

“My big thing right now, living in California, is that I’ve turned off my sprinklers. So I mean, I know its small, I know it’s a very small step, but I’m trying to use less water.” Britt Robertson


“I have places, obviously, that matter to me, like in sub-Saharan Africa and places like that, that matter. And I’ve been involved in lots of those things. We’re not policy makers, you know, so what we really need to do is try to shine a light on people how really don’t get light shone upon them.” George Clooney

The story. Everyone who is anticipating the release of this film is curious about the story, and where it started. Was Walt Disney involved?

“There is a much longer version of this movie, not necessarily a better one, that is much more explicit about Walt’s involvement. But the idea is that it was very explicit about the idea that he was a member of Plus Ultra, and that Disneyland, particularly Tomorrowland and Disneyland, were covers for the actual Tomorrowland.” Damon Lindelof, Producer.


“Some of the very last things that Walt Disney filmed were about this experimental prototype community of tomorrow. He filmed this thing. He thought he was healthy. And like within days, he went into the doctor and learned that he had terminal lung cancer. But one of the last things he shot, he was talking about Florida and he called it our Florida Project. And he was talking about the park and he said, ‘Yeah, there will be an amusement park kind of like Disneyland, but the whole reason to do it, the main attraction, is this!’ And he pointed to the city and said, ‘It’s going to be an actual place that you can try ideas and we’ll take corporations and we’ll collaborate with them on new ideas, and sell the ideas to the world, and try them out.’

And his face lit up when he talked about. The amusement park of it was just like, that’s over on the side, one of those, but the main reason to do it – Which part of it do you think wasn’t done? It’s that part. And it’s understandable, because you needed somebody like Disney as a catalyst to make it happen. But on his deathbed, he was looking up at the ceiling and pointing out how the city would be laid out. and the fact that he was, to his last moments, dreaming about this future and making crazy ideas happen, and be real, and accelerate the pace of that, was very moving to me. And if the movie caught even a little bit of that, I think we will have succeeded.” ~ Damon Lindelof.

Your children will discover a world where everything is possible when seeing the upcoming Disney film “Tomorrowland” in theaters this Friday, May 22nd.

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