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Inside Look into The Kids are Alright on ABC

We attended the event as a guest of ABC

photo credit: Coralie Hughes Seright‎

Recently I went onto the set of The Kids are Alright, and we walked around with the actor Caleb Foote (Eddie Cleary) and some of the people behind making the TV Show including Michael Whetsone (Set Director), Claudette Didul (costume designer) and Susan Michalek (line producer).

The show is based on a family with ten people. Eight boys and two parents, so you can imagine the crazy set they would have to have to create this epic TV Show ~ to think I complain about our crazy family life?

photo credit: Coralie Hughes Seright‎

The family is based in the 1970’s, so as you can imagine the set is a very tight house with certain things you would see in an older home. Stuff like old TVs without controllers and other old or “vintage” things. Michael Whetsone says, he continued to say, “Inside, this probably either reminds you of your parents’ house or your grandparents’ house or somebody in the past of your life. A lot of that is due to the research we did at the beginning, and then Claudette’s eye for detail. I mean, I think if you walk through here you’ll see layers and layers of encyclopedias and games… Every single thing has what we like to call a proof of authenticity…” The house was very detailed to the time era, and you can tell that every single thing in the house was specifically put there for a reason. There was nothing out of place, and when walking onto the set, you could definitely tell that a big family lived there. Especially a family in the 70’s.

photo credit: Coralie Hughes Seright‎

We kept walking through the set, and as we walked, we talked about the vintage clothing that they had to get to make the show. Someone had asked the question if it was hard to get all of the vintage 70’s clothing to dress the actors when vintage clothing was already “in” in style and trends. Claudette Didul answered with, “A little bit but the volume – we need so much that what we really get from is all the rental houses in L.A., so ABC has a costume house and Warner Brothers has a costume house, and then there are some private ones too, so there are about eight or ten in L.A. Claudette Didul, said, just by watching one or two episodes (or even just the trailer) you can really see the attention to detail not only on the set but on the actual actors themselves. The hair and clothes and makeup all were very 1970’s themed, and it looked like even the extras had walked right out of that time era.

photo credit: Coralie Hughes Seright‎

We then continued to talk about the long audition process that had to take place when casting the film. There was a question asked to the one actor Eddie Cleary who plays the role of Caleb Foote, when we were walking around with and the question was, what was the audition process like? Cleary, answered and said, “A long audition process. Yeah, it was pretty long. I had to several rounds of auditioning, then screen testing with ABC; it was between a couple of kids from around the United States and me” By telling us that we got an insight on how they auditioned for the show and what went into making it. The actor continued to tell us how excited he was to be working with some of the other cast members as well.

Closer to the end we talked about the different things that were going on in the country at the time they were making the show, and they told us that the writers really set the mood for every situation in the show. Also with the writers, someone asked the question about if it was hard to set the uniqueness to the show and really make it special. Eddie Cleary said, “Our writers- our writer’s room is so great, and with ten different characters – nine speaking characters – they were- they’ve been able, as the show progresses the show gets even better, ‘cause they’re- they’re able to distinguish each character. And because it’s a comedy, any given scene has an opportunity to have ten different jokes. They’re- they’re so brilliant and I- I- I think that’s what- that’s what makes it so special is the distinguished characters.”

Make sure to watch The Kids are Alright on ABC. It came out on October 16, 2018 and airs Tuesdays at 8:30|7:30c on ABC; also available streaming and on demand. You will definitely enjoy following the Irish-Catholic family around their crazy home!

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