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The Inside Scoop On The “Real” Disney UP House

We visited as a guest of the family

The front of the UP House in Utah

The Real UP House

While traveling to Utah to visit family we had the unique experience of visiting The Real UP House, located in the city of Herriman. The Real UP House was built by Bangerter Homes in 2011 for Utah’s Parade of Homes. According to the owner, the home builder had to obtain permission from Disney in order to build the house – which was originally denied. Only after the director of the film interceded with Disney on the builder’s behalf was permission finally granted. However, they were required to turn over the plans to Disney and no additional UP houses will be built. So, this is IT! The home was authorized by Disney and is a true replica of the home in the film.

As you can see, the home looks like it popped right off the movie screen. Everything from the colors, to the wiring for the doorbell, to the weathervane up on the roof is just like in the movie. If you just want to take a quick snapshot outside the fence line, you are welcome to do so. However, this is a unique site to visit as it is, in fact, a residential home. The owners of the house actually live there yet graciously open their special home to visitors who want to have family or other staged photos taken there. Granted, if you want to take staged photos in or around the property this isn’t offered for free, but it is reasonable to compensate someone for the use of their private home where they are raising their family.

When you enter the home you are greeted by the wood staircase with all Carl and Ellie’s photos lining the wall. Unfortunately, Carl’s chairlift isn’t there, but all the other details are. You’ll find the finishings and furnishings are all authentic to the film – all the way down to the old-fashioned light switches, wallpaper, and even the directions of the grain on the wood flooring.

Staircase photo of the UP House in Utah

Staircase – photo courtesy of The Real UP House


The front room with Carl and Ellie’s chairs is a lovely setting for pictures and brings to mind the moments when Carl sits in his chair reviewing their Adventure Book.

(video tour of the front room)


Sitting in Ellie's Chair inside of the UP House in Utah

Sitting in Ellie’s Chair

If you’ll notice, the details, such as the ukelele with the “grape soda” badge on the mantel, along with the red bird and even the photos of Carl and Ellie are all there. The painting of Paradise Falls is also prominently located above the fireplace as it is in the movie.

The kids in the front room of the UP House in Utah

The kids in the front room enjoying Carl & Ellie’s chairs

Here you can see Carl’s table lamp next to his chair – notice both are very square and angular. Ellie’s chair is floral with curves and her Tiffany style lamp that sits next to her chair complements her floral and curvy style.

Carl's TV inside of the UP House in Utah

Carl’s TV

Carl’s old-time TV is also in the front room and it works! In this photo you can see the authentic light switches (those little circle buttons on the wall above the TV), Carl’s globe, Paradise Falls bank, and the Adventure Book. What movie is playing on the TV?

Another treat is the kitchen. While not much of the kitchen is seen in the movie, what you do see is there – the colors are a little brighter, but the style is right on. I imagine this kitchen to be authentic to when Carl and Ellie would have first purchased their home – when everything was new and bright. When Russell visits Carl in the movie many years had passed since the two sweethearts had made their home together and not only is Carl now an old man, but his home is a bit faded from time too. So that’s my explanation for the brighter colors.

The Kitchen - Complete with blue retro-style appliances in the UP House in Utah

The Kitchen – Complete with blue retro-style appliances

Isn’t this kitchen adorable? Everything is so bright and cheery – I can just imagine sweet Ellie preparing a home cooked meal for Carl in this cozy kitchen.

Cooking at Ellie's stove in the UP House in Utah

Cooking at Ellie’s stove

Now, if living in a home designed to look as if if popped right out of a Disney movie isn’t enough, in the backyard they have created another Disney-themed environment. The original builder helped construct a play structure with the highlight being a Tangled Tower.

Tangled Tower and Rock Climbing Wall in the backyard of the UP House

Tangled Tower and Rock Climbing Wall

Here you can see the back of the tower where there are rock climbing cleats so little heroes can climb to rescue the fair Rupunzel. Notice the hand-cut-and-placed lattice work around the tower, along with the hand-painted purple roof shingles.

The kids enjoying the Tangled Tower in the backyard of the UP House

The kids enjoying the Tangled Tower

My daughter thinks that the yellow slide looks like Rapunzel’s hair cascading from the tower – what do you think?

Tangled Mural inside of one of the bedrooms on the UP House

Tangled Mural

Inside the room at the top of the tower is a mural painted to look like the mural painted by Rapunzel. There is also a room at the bottom of the tower that has a Cars-themed mural that will appeal to your little boys.

The owners of the home are big Disney fans and are planning additional Disney-themed backdrops on their property within the next year which will provide Disney enthusiasts even more photo opportunities. But providing Disney-themed photo ops for visitors isn’t the whole story about this wonderful family. I had the opportunity to visit with Lynette and discuss not only her unique home, but also some of her passions. While she loves Disney – she also has a big heart and has done a lot of work with Make a Wish Foundation. Not only has her UP house been used to grant photo, party, and visiting wishes for terminally ill children, but the basement (which is not authentic to the movie) is home to two Make a Wish bedrooms. Truly, Lynette has a special place in her heart for children and she is doing her part to bring joy into the lives of others.

If you are interested in visiting The Real UP House visit for photography pricing and additional information. They are also on Facebook, Instagram (@UPhouse), and Twitter (@PixarUPhouse).

I would like to thank Lynette for being so gracious in permitting my family to visit her home and for being so accommodating in helping me to put this post together. She was a joy to visit with and her home is truly one of a kind. Be sure you schedule a visit when you travel to Utah.

Julie is an OC Supermom to six beautiful children in Orange County. She is an editor with Astraea Press, active in the community and enjoys running in her free time.

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  1. Would you mind telling me how you built the Rapunzel tower?

    • The Rapunzel tower was a project completed with the assistance of the home builder. If you contact the owners of the “Real” UP house at they will be able to give you additional information.

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