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Inside the Mind of Kyle MacLachlan from Disney’s Inside Out

We attended as a guest of Disney


While in Los Angeles earlier this month at the “Inside Out” media event, I was sitting in a conference room with the other members of the media when Kyle MacLachlan walked into the room. Now, I’ll admit that I’m the last person to get a little taken back when meeting a celebrity in person. When he walked into the room, all I could think about was Orson Hodge from ‘Desperate Housewives.’ Now, if you had seen that series, which I’m sure most of us did, and not all are willing to admit, then you remember what an incredible job he did at playing the role of one of the scariest men in Fairview. While MacLachlan, is known for his roles in Desperate Housewives, “Twin Peaks” and, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, he plays a much different role as the Dad of Riley in the Disney*Pixar film “Inside Out.”

Photo courtesy of Stacy Molter/Fancy Shanty

Photo courtesy of Stacy Molter/Fancy Shanty

During the interview, he was asked all kinds of questions from what is his favorite kind of pizza to how he got involved in the film. With all of the questions asked the one thing that resonated from the interview was how much love this father has for his son. Every time that he would mention his son, his eyes lit up, and the fatherly love beamed from his eyes. Just like his love for his son, the character in the film that he also portrayed had eternal and unconditional love for Riley. From the moment that the dad in the film looked into the eyes of his daughter, it was true love, similar to what MacLachlan with the birth of his son.

“When I saw you, I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.” William Shakespeare

Becoming a dad has shaped the way that MacLachlan has taken on new roles as an actor, “It’s added another dimension of consideration. How is this going to affect my family both in my being around or not being around? I’m definitely aware now, primarily being away from him, which was a consideration with ‘Shield,'” said MacLachlan.

While I currently have a young girl the same age as Riley that is going starting to go into adolescence, my husband could truly relate to the role that MacLachlan played in the film. After watching “Inside Out,” it truly helped my husband to have a difference perspective of what is happening to his precious little girl. “He’s a gentle Dad, and I think really attempting to connect with her, to understand what is going on in her brain,” said MacLachlan.


Finally, when it came to any parenting advice from the fantastic father that MacLachlan has become he said, “you realize with kids, a lot of it is about timing so if you come to them and you, you’re prepared to have a nice conversation, deep, they’re not ready. So you have to take them when they’re ready. You have to engage them when they’re ready. That could be at the most inopportune times. Um, 4th Quarter, you know, in a great Football Game, you just have to walk away from the Football Game and engage in what, cause that’s when they’re ready. So maybe their understanding about that, it’s hard to do cause kids are Masters.”

Don’t miss seeing MacLachlan in the film “Inside Out” that is currently in theaters now!

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