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Inspirational New Film: Where Hope Grows

We attended a screening of the film

Photo courtesy of When Hope Grows Movie

Photo courtesy of Where Hope Grows Movie

Inspiration can often come from the least expected places. In the new heart-warming Christian film, Where Hope Grows, a former professional baseball player and single alcoholic father named Calvin is rejuvenated by the attitude and spirit of Produce, a young man with down syndrome who works in the produce section of his local grocery store.

This Godspeed production has touched on many difficult elements in life and utilized the most unlikely hero type to spread the word of faith, hope and love. David DeSanctis, the actor who plays Produce, has down-syndrome in real life. He portrays the character in a way which makes you immediately drawn to him. Kristoffer Polaha who plays Calvin Campbell, does a wonderful job of portraying every aspect of a human. One moment you feel sorry for him, the next moment you are angry at him, but you are always rooting for him.


Photo courtesy of Where Hope Grows Movie

Opening May 15, this unexpected friendship between Produce and Calvin will remind you that where there’s God, there’s hope. Group tickets for churches and other organizations are available. We recommend the movie for children 15+.

An Orange County mother of four, Tonya Goodbrand, loves exploring the world and sharing it with her family. She has a passion for travel which is quite contagious. Tonya hopes to inspire families to venture out of their comfort zone and see the world through their children’s eyes.
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