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Inspire Future Scientist with The Polymer Goo Kit

encouraging a love for science

My older son is obsessed with the Marbles Brain Store. He spends so much time visiting the store to play with the different games that he is one a first name basis with most of the staff. While he is always bringing home a mind game or puzzle, I have never gotten anything for my younger son until recently and got him the Polymer Goo Kit.

Polymer Goo Kit

Kids science Lab kit

Learning about Science

This kit is geared for ages 10+ and with him being nine, it seemed like the perfect age. When I first showed him the blue box with green slime on it, he didn’t seem too excited about getting started working on it. But, when I opened the box to reveal a mini science lab, he dropped his Legos and came over to the table to get started.

Being a little scientist with kit from marbles brain store

He put on the gloves, goggles, mask, and got started on making the slimy goo right away. It ended up being a great parent/child bonding process. I read all the instructions while he did all the mixing of the ingredients. One step at a time, he slowly mixed the different chemicals and watched them react together to make gooey green worms.

science is fun

The instructions in the kit have a strong emphasis on lab safety and came with everything that we needed to make the gooey worms. The only supplies that we needed were scissors to open the packaging, paper towels to stay clean and a small bag to collect all the trash.

Mixing chemicals

It was a great experience that inspired him to want to learn more about science. The kit came with enough supplies for him to make six more things other than the gooey green worms he made. The instructions include directions for tidepools, invisable jellyfish, or ghostly eyeballs, and my son can’t wait to make more things with the kit.

making goo

The Polymer Goo Kit can be found online and in stores at the Marbles Brain Store. If you’re looking for a fun activity to do with your children where they will be learning, and you’ll be bonding at the same time, then I highly recommend it.

gree gooey worms

Complimentary kit was provided to us.

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