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Inspiring Ali Stroker Performs with OCSA Students

We visited as a guest of OCSA


Last week I had the opportunity to have a one-on-one interview with Ali Stroker at Orange County School of the Arts (OSCA). My mom and I attended the “Performing with the Pros” showcase performance at OCSA featuring Ali Stroker. Ali Stroker had been working with the students in the showcase for weeks leading up to the performance by sharing her talents and inspiring the group of students to reach for their dreams.

Ali Stroker gives an epic performance at OCSA

Ever since I was ten, I have been watching Glee and The Glee Project, so I was so excited to meet Ali Stroker in real life and not just on a television screen. In case you don’t know Ali Stroker is, she is the first ever Broadway star in a wheelchair, and she also stars in multiple shows.

Andrew Barone working at catering event at OCSA

Students serving food at OCSA

When we arrived at the event, we went upstairs to enjoy the food cooked by the Culinary Arts and Hospitality students at OCSA. Then it was time to go down to the theater to meet Ali Stroker. To be honest, I was nervous and excited at the same time. When she came over to the side of the stage to meet my mom and me, I almost fell over. She was so pretty and kind. The minute that I started talking with her, she made me feel comfortable, and I automatically lost my nervousness.

Ali Stroker performing with the pros at OCSA

Once we started talking, I began to learn what an amazing woman she is. I asked her questions about her journey, and what is was like working with the students at OCSA. When I asked her what advice she has for young girls who look up to her, she said, “Everything is possible if you put heart and mind to it.”

Ali Stroker performing at OCSA

I also asked her what it was like when she took the stage for the first time. She told me that at the beginning she was scared out of her mind, but once she got into it, she couldn’t remember what she was afraid of at all. After I had asked her my last question, we said our “goodbyes” and I couldn’t wait to see her in the show.

OCSA Culinary Pulled Pork

OCSA Culinary Arts lettuce wraps

We went back upstairs for some more delicious food before the show started. We ate margarita pizza, pork potstickers, cucumber salad wraps, and more! Once we were done devouring the delicious bites being served, we began to walk down to the theatre to see the performance.

Musical Theatre Performing with the Pros at OCSA

We found our seats and started to wait for the show to start. When the show began, we watched in awe as the talented OCSA students danced and sung on the stage. The performance featured the most talented students I have ever see perform, and Ali Stroker did a fantastic job of celebrating their talents with the audience.

Ali Stroker performing on stage at OCSA

I left inspired and with the feeling that I can also accomplish my dreams. Ali Stroker is inspiring, talented, and it was an honor getting to see her perform.

Ella is the OC Mom Blog teen blogger. She is a student by day, and a fashionista by night. She loves baking, teddy bears and nice people.
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