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Inspiring Kid’s to Achieve Their Dreams

Today, I’m partnering with Got Milk…

What did you want to be when you grew up? For me..I wanted to be a veterinarian.

While I didn’t become a veterinarian, I ended up becoming a teacher before becoming a mom. As my career path and dreams changed as I have grown-up, I never gave up on my dreams. To this day, I try to be all that I can be, and encourage my children to feel the same way.


My older son wants to become a stop motion animator, my daughter a fairy and my youngest son a pirate who will sail his pirate ship around the world.


The one way that I encourage my kids to turn their dreams into reality is through goal setting. Since my kids were young, I have been helping them to set goals by charting the steps needed to make their dreams come true. Along with living a healthy lifestyle complete with plenty of exercise, a nutrient rich diet with plenty of California Milk, and rest, their mind and bodies have been able to help them achieve their dreams.


Helping children with goal setting can help children build confidence, encouraged perseverance, and make their dreams become a reality. A healthy diet complete with California Milk helps give children the nutritional benefits needed to grow-up so they can become a firefighter, teacher, librarian or anything they dream to become.

Most importantly…encourage your kid’s to have fun, dream, and achieve!


Print this fun printable to help your children with goal setting..


How do you help your kid’s achieve their dreams?

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