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Inspiring Kids to Eat (drink) Healthier


Last week I talked about how I am getting healthy in the New Year by replacing one cup of coffee with a cup of handmade vegetable juice. I have been juicing Kale, beets, cilantro, lemons and cucumbers every day, and I feel amazing. After drinking a juice packed with tons of nutritious vegetables, I have so much more energy than I had from a cup of coffee.


Spud has made juicing simplified by delivering organic vegetables to my front door every week. It has inspired me to add more vegetables into my recipes, and serve my kids more vegetables than I would have by just shopping at the local grocery store.


The one thing, that my daughter pointed out, was how the organic produce from Spud looks different than the produce in the grocery store. She noticed that all the apples in the grocery store are the same size and shape, but yet the Spud vegetables are unique just like people.


I talked to her about chemicals and pesticides used to create fruits and vegetables that are sold in the grocery store. We talked about the importance of purchasing local and organic produce from companies like Spud. My daughter, Ella was inspired to starting juicing herself. When our recent supply of Spud produce ran out this week, Ella got creative by picking lemons off our backyard tree to make homemade lemonade.


Once Ella started juicing with me, the entire household of kids came to join in on the fun. It was exciting to see my kids getting so excited about eating (and drinking) healthier. Spud is a great service that families in Orange County are encouraged to try. They will bring a weekly shipment of the freshest fruits and vegetables delivered right to your doorstep every week. The produce is fresh and delicious.


During the month of January, if someone signs up to buy a juicer (with weekly installment payments) and 6-months of juicing boxes, we’ll give them a $140 SPUD gift certificate. Alternatively, if someone wants to do a one-time payment on a juicer, we will give them 4 weeks of organic produce free, a $140 value. One offer caters to people who want to commit to a longer term juicing program and the other to people who want to buy a juicer and save on produce for the first month.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by SPUD, Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery, a company that sources local and fresh produce for delivery to your doorstep, and I was not compensated, but did receive product for review. All opinions are my own.

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