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Intelligent Remodeling Ideas For Your New Garden

For many of us caught in the grips of spring fever, getting outside is an anticipated break from indoor chores and remote work.

Gardening Tips

The warm sun and sweet smells of spring refresh our senses and renew our spirits. It’s that time of year when manicured lawns start to spawn colorful blossoms and succulent aromas. 

Spring inspires us to indulge in the surrounding greenery and take up gardening, but not all of us are blessed with a green thumb. 

You might be tempted to leave the landscaping to the professionals, but even those of us who are horticulturally challenged can still create a beautiful garden space. Whether you’re gardening for sustainability, for aesthetics, or just for fun, we’ve got some neat ideas for your new garden setup.

Fountains and Ponds

For those of us who kill any plant we touch, hardscaping might be the way to go when remodeling our garden space. 

Exterior design with hardscaping involves stone elements rather than delicate plants. If you have a brown thumb, which is the opposite of a green thumb, you should stick to ponds or other outdoor water features for your backyard It’s easy to install a small pond in your yard, and koi fish add a pop of color when flowers aren’t an option. 

Garden ponds can be just as tranquil and lovely as lavish flower beds. Frogs, birds, and even bunnies go to aquatic ponds for a cool drink in warm months, so a rocky pond could be an inviting, natural feature in your newly renovated garden. 

Most home improvement stores have pond liners and pump kits to get you started. Once a pond liner is in the ground, you can arrange stones and other design elements to make it into an oasis.

Stone Accents and Lush Foliage

Adding a stone birdbath or statue to any overgrown garden can turn a mess into a success. A fixture that fits your personality will add flair and uniqueness to any outdoor space, especially if it’s surrounded by lush greenery. 

Now, many of us want to enjoy a beautiful backyard garden without constantly tending to fickle foliage. So chose a plant that doesn’t require an agricultural degree to grow. 

Plants like ivy, lavender, and moss are low maintenance and flourishing, even with little water, low sunlight, and no experience. Many of these plants also attract butterflies and hummingbirds for a natural element of beauty.

With a resilient plant, you don’t have to worry about sensitive conditions or bad weather. You can sit back and enjoy the view without constant, precise care. 

Just pair a stylized stone fixture with a thick flower or vine and watch your garden thrive!

Raised Garden Beds with a Farmhouse Feel

Sustainability is more than a fad — it’s the future, and many novice gardeners are benefitting from a home-based harvest. 

You can build a raised garden bed with recycled material or quality lumber. If you’re not that crafty, buy one at your local home improvement store in the garden department. Raised beds preserve the land beneath and support plenty of plants above ground and under. 

You can grow fruits, veggies, or flowers in a raised bed to create a gorgeous view or bountiful harvest. 

Spring into the Season with a Remodeled Garden 

This season, revamp your garden with simple features that make bold statements. Some spring seeding will certainly set us up to soak in all the vitamin D summertime has to offer. 

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