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Interesting Facts About Brass You Might Have Never Heard Before

Brass is a yellow metal that is made of zinc and copper. The color of this metal varies, and copper is the main component followed by zinc. Brass is harder and stronger than copper, and it is also easy to use for making various shapes, it is resistant to corrosion, and is also a good conductor of heat. Because of these properties, there are also different things you should know about this component. Read on to learn some interesting facts about brass you might have never heard before.

Brass is Used to make Firearms

Brass is known for its low-friction, spark resistant, non-magnetic, and corrosion qualities which make it a perfect material for ammunition casings. It also has a shade that resembles gold, and it does not fade quickly. Another interesting aspect about brass is that it can be recycled for ammo reloading. 

It Makes Instruments

Brass is used for making musical instruments that produce melodious sounds. The instruments have been there for thousands of years and were historically used for religious ceremonies and military campaigns. Brass is used for making musical instruments because it is harder and stronger, but easy to make different shapes. The instruments consist of a mouthpiece that a player blows into to produce sound. One of the most exciting decisions you can make is to learn to play a brass instrument. To achieve your goals, there are different tips for brass players you should master first. All you need to do is to get a good embouchure or shape and position of your mouth that allows you to make quality sound easily. Brass instruments can be used to play different types of music around the globe. 

Not all Instruments are Made of Brass

Several musical instruments are generally categorized under the brass family, but they are not made of this metal. For instance, shofars and conch shells are considered brass simply because the sound is produced through lip vibrations. Other brass instruments like trombones and trumpets may have more copper or other metals mixed.  

Vehicle Radiators

Brass is used for manufacturing vehicle radiators since it is a good conductor of heat. It is more efficient compared to other metals like aluminum. The car’s engine produces high levels of heat, and it is cooled by water from the radiator. This means the radiator should be something strong to sustain high-temperature levels. Furthermore, the radiators made from brass are durable and are cheaper to manufacture. They are also easy to recycle meaning the material can be reused. 

Handles and Railings

Brass is also used to make handles and railings that are used for different purposes in your home. This material is antimicrobial, and it is also elegant. When you touch the material, you can be assured that it does not contribute to the spread of disease. The handles made from this unique metal are durable, and they can be designed into different shapes. 

Marine Hardware

Brass is corrosion resistant and cannot be affected by seawater. As a result, it is used for making a variety of marine hardware components that include engines, pumps, and other navigational tools. It can also withstand high pressure since it is tough. On the other hand, brass can be used to make plumbing fixtures like sinks, hose bibs, faucets, bidets, and channel drains. Brass is durable and can sustain elements like constant exposure to moisture. It can retain its color over a long period, and the fixtures do not easily get damaged.  

Technical instruments

Brass is used to make a variety of components used in technical instruments like watches, barometers, and compasses. The metal is perfect for different equipment since it can be easily shaped into various things. The properties of brass make it perfect for making different technical instruments. 

Another interesting fact about brass you may not know is that it is used in the manufacture of electronic components that are commonly found on electrical board switches, sockets, relays, and terminal blocks. Brass is malleable and nonmagnetic which makes it a perfect choice for making electrical components. More importantly, it is cheaper to produce different materials consisting of brass. 

Brass is a yellow metal that consists of copper and zinc. It has unique properties and this is the main reason why it is used for making different things. For instance, it is used to make musical instruments, firearms, plumbing fixtures, marine hardware, and vehicle hardware. If you want to make any of these objects, make sure you use high-quality brass rods, tubes, or sheets.

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