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Interview with The Muppets on Muppets Most Wanted


Ever wondered what it would be like to meet Kermit the Frog in real life? Or Ms. Piggy? Life Changing..I know! Last week while at a press conference for the upcoming film “Muppets Most Wanted, ” guess who came to the interview? Kermit, Constantine, Sam, and Ms. Piggy! My inner child screamed with excitement when they arrived, and it ended up being my favorite interview of all time!


The first question went to Kermit on why he didn’t want to play both the role of himself and Constantine, as it would have clearly extended his acting credits. “It didn’t make sense for me to play Constantine because we do have a few scenes together, and I don’t really work well on green screen, ” said Kermit. Constantine is one of Kermit’s distance cousins from Russia, “but what is weird is that I cannot speak any Russian words, ” said Constantine.

“I will do anything with a frog. That is my motto.” Ricky Gervais


Constantine was put on the hot seat when asked if he plans to leave his criminal life behind and join the Muppets. “I am thinking about doing an original programming show called ‘House of Toads, ” said Constantine. Ricky Gervais added, “I love this guy. I think I’ve melted his heart a bit. He had a bad upbringing and was born in a Russian pond commune. He had 500 siblings, many of them dead. He came over here, we met, and we bonded.”


There were some scenes in the film that suggested there might have been some rivalry behind the scenes on how much screen time Walter got…

Sam: “I just want to say that I am happy with how this movie turned out.”
Kermit: “Sam, you didn’t answer the question.”
Sam: “Exactly!”


We were curious to see if the actors were inspired by working with The Muppets, and Ty Burrell said, “I was constantly inspired. I would go out and work with these guys who had to do eight things at once, while all I had to do was remember my lines, that I failed miserably at.” Sam spoke up by saying, “Again you sell yourself short.” Ty Burrell went on to share that, after filming, Sam became his life coach. “This man is a great actor. I literally thought he was a French Man. I think that his portrayal of a French Man will go down in history as the most convincing portrayal of a French Man in a film, ” said Sam. Ty Burrell said, “You and I finally bonded when we realized that we had the same eyebrows.”

We couldn’t end the interview with the fashionably late appearance of Ms. Piggy.


The hot question on the minds of everyone in the audience was how it was like for Ms. Piggy to work with Celine Dion in the film. “It was a pleasure. It was a joy for her. I’m only too happy to let her ride my coat tails to the Oscar stage. We only spent a little time together, but it was very meaningful for her, ” said Ms. Piggy.


We ended the interview by asking the cast what they thought kids will think of the new film, Ty Burrell said, “I have the IQ of a seven year old, and I loved this movie so much. I also love juice.” Tina Fey said, “There’s a lot of jokes in the film, and kids that are 8,9,10 and 11 take a lot of pride in ‘getting the jokes.'” Ricky Gervais said, “just say $%#*@(@* nice things about the film. I love it so much.”

“Muppets Most Wanted is in theaters tomorrow, March 21st!

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