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Introducing Our College Spotlight Series – Trinity University

OC Mom Blog is a supporter of Trinity University


This week, two graduation announcements came in the mail… I love this time of year, and am excited for all the high schoolers transitioning to the next phase of life as a young adult.

Even though I still have a few years to think about my babes leaving the nest to head off to college, it was a reality check… College is coming.


So it got me thinking, what do I really want for my kids’ college experience? Of course, an outstanding education in an area of study they love, but even more- I want them to grow up to become real thinkers, adults who pursue knowledge, are willing to experiment, ask questions and strive to better understand the world and its cultures (past and present).

We’re already taking action to financially plan for our kids’ college tuition, but it probably shouldn’t stop there. Why don’t we start researching colleges too?

So, without further ado, I bring you a new reoccurring series about universities nationwide! I’m lucky to have this online home to archive my thoughts and ideas about parenting and more, and feel lucky people like you read and share your ideas as well! Any colleges you think should be featured next? Just let me know!


By using this platform to regularly spotlight colleges- both near and far- I’ll probably have a solid list of options that will best match my kids’ expectations, and provide them with the full experience they deserve when the time comes to book campus tours!

First up, Trinity University in San Antonio, TX.


Why you ask? Well, I was recently introduced to the university from a local friend, and simply- I love San Antonio. It’s an amazing city if you haven’t visited!

Anyway, apparently Orange County is among the largest out-of-state referral network of students to their university. I found that very interesting and wondered: So why are so many OC kids going to Trinity?


According to Trinity’s website, if you “value very small class sizes, close connections with faculty and fellow students, and a challenging yet supportive academic environment with broad undergraduate research opportunities” it’s a strong university to consider. Their 2013 enrollment was just over 2,300 and the student/faculty ratio is 9:1.

It checks all the boxes in terms of academic majors/minors for me with all the necessities, plus some unique offerings as well. Click here if you’d like to see a complete list. And, the campus life/culture appears to be extremely important, and well rounded (which is honestly important to me as well). One student said it best, “Trinity is for students who were over-committed in high school.”

More than half of their students play intramural sports, there are 14 on-campus fraternities and sororities, about 100 clubs and organizations, and leadership opportunities, community service and outreach, academic and professional development combined with fun and recreation are “all part of the Trinity plan”.


Hey, there’s even free nachos and agua fresca on Wednesdays.

San Antonio is a big, small town. With an enchanting historic district (you must-see The Alamo), vibrant River Walk with great restaurants and shops, and a great year-round climate (224 annual days of sunshine), Trinity’s hilltop campus overlooks downtown, which is only about 4 miles away. Everything you might “need” from a big city is available in San Antonio, but it still feels small, friendly and unintimidating.

Trinity’s small enrollment means that a large percentage of the student body is athletes. The Trinity Tigers compete in Division III, and have done particularly well in recent years. You can learn more about athletics at Trinity University here.


With distinguished faculty, and more importantly- easy “access” to working with and learning form their expertise, Trinity is a place where ideas, passions and questions can be fully explored. It seems like there’s so much to do, countless opportunities to connect, nourish talents and serve others.

This college will definitely be on our consideration list, when the time comes, and I’m already excited to start planning my next trip to San Antonio!

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  1. “Thank you OC Mom Blog for this college spotlight! I’m a local independent college counselor who has students visit, apply, and receive some awesome scholarship opportunities at Trinity University! Excellent choice!”

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