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Is it Normal for Invisalign Trays to Crack?


“I am a member of the Invisalign Mom Advisory Board and my son has received complimentary treatment.”

Dr. Passamano teaching and his Invisalign Patient

It has been ten weeks since my son first started wearing Invisalign. There have been some ups and downs with him adjusting to wearing Invisalign trays daily. The first obstacle that faced was when one of his trays broke, and we went into panic mode.

Since this is my first time with a child wearing Invisalign, I honestly didn’t know what to do. At first, I got mad at him, thinking that he was not removing them properly. Next, I began to google every worst case scenario possible. Finally, I did what I should have done in the first place, and called his orthodontist.

Cracked Invisalign Trays

What I learned is that it is normal for the Invisalign trays to crack from time to time, because there is a lot of movement happening in the mouth, and there can be too much pressure put on the trays at times during this treatment. That is why our orthodontist had advised us to keep the previous sets of trays to use if one of his trays gets lost or cracks.

When I brought him in for his 10 week check-up, the orthodontist looked at where the trays were cracking, and we came to the resolution that they were not cracking because there was too much movement happening in his mouth, but that he was removing them improperly.

Teen being educated about Invisalign

The orthodontist had my son show him how he was removing his trays and then showed him how to pull down vs. sideways when pulling them out. Essentially, he was tearing the trays when removing them from his mouth.

Since our appointment, there have not been any tears or cracks with his Invisalign trays. There are many reasons to why an Invisalign tray can crack, and the most important thing to do is remain calm. If your child has an Invisalign tray that does crack, contact your orthodontist to help look into what might be causing them to crack. In our case – it was user error.


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