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Is Your Teens Hair Clogging Your Drain?


My teenage daughter has the most beautiful long hair. Her hair has sunkissed highlights, and her long locks go all the way down to her hips. The only problem with having a teenager with long hair is the beating it puts on your household drains. At least once a week, our shower drain will back-up from the hair she loses in the shower, and our bathroom sink as well. We have tried everything from drain traps to natural remedies, and nothing has seemed to work.

While the easy solution is to have a teenager clean their hair out of the shower or sink after getting ready in the morning, let’s be honest, that’s just not a reality. After trying every single natural remedy, I finally decided to turn to a commercial product to help solve our household problem of continuously clogged drains. The result – life changing.

When it came to using a chemical-based product to unclog our household drains, there was no question when it came to using a brand I knew and trusted. My parents used Roto-Rooter when I was a teenager, and I knew that if it worked for them in the 80’s, it would work for me. I went to the store to purchase the product, and I noticed that they had a big label on the bottle advising me that the product is guaranteed to work, or it’s free – I love when a company stands by the product they are making. The second thing I noticed was that it is safe on all drains, and that gave me the piece of mind in knowing that the product wouldn’t harm our pipes.

I got home, following the instructions on the label, and within minutes my bathroom drains were unclogged. The water was going down the drain faster than I had seen in awhile, and I was so glad to have finally discovered a product that can help with our household problem.

If you have teenagers who are clogging your household drains, Roto-Rooter is a brand that you can trust and will help to get the job done. Learn more about Roto-Rooter online.

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