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It’s Grinchmas at Universal Studios

We visited as a guest of Universal


When it comes to the holidays our family likes to celebrate it as if we were characters from one of those wacky holiday movies.  You know the one about the crazy mom who wants to experience all that the holiday brings. The movie that shows the mom standing in line for her first Peppermint Mocha of the season and then frolicking around town singing holiday songs. Our decorations and tree go up the first week of November (yes we are one of those people) so that we can fully take in all the holiday joy.  We research all the local events and make a must do list and then we pack every weekend with as many events as possible until the season is over.  This year we decided to take it up a notch and added Grinchmas at Universal Studios to our list and man are we glad that we did.


We drove up to LA early in the morning and avoided traffic on the 101, which was a sign that the day was going to rock!  We got to Universal Studios in about an hour and decided that since it was our first time at Grinchmas that we should go all out.


We purchased a preferred parking pass which gave us parking closest to the front gate and opted for the front of the line pass which is so worth it especially during the holidays.  The familiar face of the Grinch smiled down at us as we walked down the red carpet towards the park’s entrance.



As the holiday music played, I found myself humming along to the tunes.  Our first stop was to the information booth and a guide advised us of all the Who-liday fun from shows, to rides and photo opportunities – we had a fun filled day ahead.



I am a theme park junkie and love the behind the scenes magic, that being said Universal with all its movie magic know how, knows how to create a magical experience like no other.  For example, on our way to Who-ville we bumped into Doc from Back to the Future.  I knew that the actor wasn’t Christopher Lloyd, but wow did he know how to talk, act and look like him – his mannerisms alone were incredible.


Then you have Betty Bop, she wasn’t the cartoon but a very talented actress who talked and walked just like Betty Bop would have in the 1920s.  It’s one thing to get into a character suit and walk around the theme park greeting guests and a whole other experience to become the character.



The cast at Who-Ville is a perfect example.  You had the citizens of Who-Ville walking around the venue talking in lyrical sentences as if we had entered Who-Ville.





Not only were the characters dressed in colorful Who-Villish outfits but the prosthetic makeup altering their faces to look the part was mind blowing.  It was fantastic, I even took a close up picture to try and see how it was possible.


The celebration in Who-Ville included Cindy Lou and her Who friends reading and singing Grinchmas tunes as well as many photo opportunities.





My kids were able to design their own Who-liday ornament to decorate the Who-Ville trees. The celebrations run all day long and in the evening the Seuss-ian tree is lit and snow begins to fall – pure magic to say the least.





Our adventures didn’t stop at Who-Ville.  We visited Shrek in a 4D adventure, The Minions at Minion Mayham, took a coaster ride with the Simpsons, had a date with The Mummy, got wet with dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, as well as fighting Decepticons alongside Bumblebee.






Thanks to the front of the line pass we were able to ride all the rides, experience Who-Ville and also take the Studio Tour all in one visit!  My kids loved the backlot tour the most.  Midway through the tour between Jaws and the Bates Motel we had the best treat of all – a live sing along with the Whos!








It was a Who-Ville extravaganza and we loved every minute of it.  Universal definitely has the upper hand when it comes to movie magic and to be a part of it during the holidays made our holiday experience ever better! Grinchmas will be running at Universal Studios on selected days starting December 5th through January 3rd.  For more information about Grinchmas at Universal Studios, please visit their website at

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