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Jamaican Horseback Riding Adventure

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Horse Riding in the water in Jamaica

After falling off a horse as a child, I have been fearful of horseback for most of my life. My younger son loves animals, and the one thing that he wanted to do when we were in Jamaica was to go horseback riding. It was time for me to tackle my fears, and I made reservations for us to go on a Jamaican horseback riding adventure.

Horseback riding ranch in Jamaica

We arrived at a ranch in Jamaica after some ziplining and river tubing fun to find a wide variety of beautiful horses just waiting to greet our children. My kids ran over to the horses and immediately started rubbing their faces and giving them kisses.

Horseback riding in the Jamaican countryside

I told the staff about my fear of riding a horse, and they advised me just to stay calm. Horses are sensitive animals and can sense when a rider feels nervous. I got my helmet on and waited for the staff to pair me with the perfect horse. The minute that I got onto the back of my horse, all of my fears drifted away.

Riding horses in Jamaica

The staff guided our group on a ride through the Jamaican countryside where I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the country. Everything was green, lush, and absolutely beautiful. Our family rode the horses through the countryside and then into some mangroves. I could hear my children giggling with delight throughout the entire horse ride.

Creating Memories Riding Horses in Jamaica

Swimming with horses in Jamaica

We returned to the ranch where we got off our horses, and the staff changed their leather saddles to waterproof saddles. Then it was time for the biggest adventure of my entire life. We got back onto our horses and took them into the shimmering turquoise waters for a swim. It was a once in a lifetime experience riding a horse into the ocean, and a moment that will live in my heart forever.

Horseback riding tour in Jamaica

Riding horses into the water in Jamaica

The water was splashing over the back of my horse, and my horse swam in the ocean with me on its back. I didn’t want to moment to end, and neither did my kids, but unfortunately our horses had to swim back to the ranch.

Jamaica horseback riding adventure

After we had been done with the horseback riding adventure, our children were talking a million words a minute to each other about what they had just experienced. They walked over to some swings that were in the ocean where they frolicked and played for awhile before having to leave to return to our resort.

Riding horses in the water in Jamaica

When you family visits Jamaica, don’t miss creating memories that will last a lifetime horseback riding in the countryside and ocean. Reservations are available with your hotel concierge.

Swinging over the water in Jamaica

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