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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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James and Rosemary Nix Nature Center

Nix Nature Center

Rain? What rain? It might have been raining yesterday, but that didn’t let that stop us from keeping our kids active yesterday. When we spotted the first break in the clouds, we headed to the James and Rosemary Nix Nature Center in the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park. We thought this was a good place to visit because it offers indoor/outdoor educational fun for the kids.

Nix Nature Center

When we first arrived at the nature center, our children were greeted by some of the most energetic park rangers I have ever seen. They came right out from behind the desk and started talking with our children. They asked them many questions about the wildlife and plants that surround the modern nature center.

Nix Nature Center

The kids were able to do some bird watching from the on-site telescopes that are perfectly situated in the nature center. There is also an outdoor activity of digging for fossils and many more interactive exhibits within the center. Our children spent hours walking around the center learning about the Native American’s that once lived on the lands surrounding the center and the meanings behind many of the hills, caves and rock structures.

Nix Nature Center

When we were done visiting the center, the OC Park Rangers sent our kids and us on a family friendly hike on Mary’s Trail where the learning continued with a scavenger hunt.

Nix Nature Center

Families are welcome to visit the NIX Nature Center free of charge. Parking is $3 with a meeter at the opening of the center.

Nix Nature Center

Details: There are on-site bathrooms and drinking fountains available, and a nice patio with chairs for families to bask in the surround wildlife together. The center is perfect for children of all ages.

Nix Nature Center

Location: Laguna Coast Wilderness Park at Little Sycamore Canyon on SR 133, north of the 73 Tollroad and 3.5 miles south of the I-405 and SR 133 interchange

Schedule: 9 a.m.-4 p.m. daily, including holidays.

Recommendations: Bring bottled water, good tennis shoes, hats, glasses and sunscreen. Plan to enjoy your entire day here. There are lovely resting areas and picnic tables located around the center.

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