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James Corden on how “Into the Woods” will Influence Children

We attended the interview as a guest of Disney

Photo courtesy of Disney

Photo courtesy of Disney

James Corden and Emily Blunt gave an epic performance as the baker and wife in the film “Into the Woods.” The film made a huge impact on me personally as a parent, and also on James Corden. We are raising our children in such a different world than I grew-up as a child, and the film speaks to the children of this generation in a beautiful way.

“There is an honesty in the film that has made me want to be more honest with my children.” James Corden

Corden talked about how his family is going through a big change as they prepare to move to another Country, and how he wanted the upcoming move to have minimal impact on his child. Instead of telling his child that everything is going to be sunny and bright, he said, “I know, buddy. It sucks, but I promise you we’re all in it together, and I feel sad about it, too, but there might be great things that we get to do, and this is an adventure that we’re all gonna go on together.”

The most important message Corden felt that children will learn from the film is to, “be careful what you wish for. Sometimes the very thing you wish for is not the thing that you need in a world where we seem to have told children that this happily ever after does exist, and we all know it doesn’t,” said Corden

“There are screw-ups, and they’re coming for you, and there’s nothing you can do about it. But when they do, you might feel like you’re completely on your own in the world. You will feel like you are completely alone, and you’re not.” James Corden

It’s not always easy to tell our kids that their life is not always going to end up being a fairytale. Corden said, “it’s a positive message to tell your children that mistakes are gonna happen.” He went on to talk about how the mistakes that our children make in life is what inevitably makes them stronger.

“I get to go home and be a present father and husband. And I just don’t think there’s ever a child when they’re twenty or thirty, sitting in a therapist’s chair going, do you know, my dad was just around too much.” James Corden

Corden is not only an incredibly talented actor but also a very insightful parent. Before, watching “Into the Woods,” I had put so much energy into sheltering my kids from the realities of life. Now I want to be more open and honest to help prepare them for the future…while knowing that they are not alone.

“Into the Woods” is in theaters now.

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