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The Jersey Boys Interview

I was given the opportunely to interview Production Stage Manager Matthew Leiner as well as cast members Hayden Milanes & Quinn VanAntwerp of Jersey Boys at the load-in.
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It was my first time interviewing anyone since my college days so I was a little rusty to say the least. I first sat back and watch the other press member as they interviewed the cast. Once I felt comfortable I sat down with Matthew, Hayden and Quinn and learned about their parts in making the magic happen.
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Before I start with the interview, let me just say that everyone was extremely kind and warm. I was blown away with the energy of the 3 interviewees even though they had just arrived from their last tour just the day before. The Jersey Boys production is a well-oiled machine. They travel across the US all year round. They usually stay in a city for a 2-3 week engagement then pack up and move to the next city, load-in and start all over again. It takes them less than a day to load in for a show. Then they have sound check around 2pm and that same night, less than 24 hours of arrival, they have their first show. The production brings their own stage, lights, sound system, nuts and bolts as well at their own wardrobe department.
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Matthew Leiner joked that they had their very own travel Home Depot so if they need to fix something they can do so immediately, actually that wasn’t a joke they actually do have everything they need. The production is in 9 big rigs and everything is packed so precisely that once they dock they unload and get down to business immediately. Before they arrive in a city, they make arrangements with local crews and hire them to load in and load out with the supervision of the Jersey Boys production crew.  Not only do they help the local community’s economy via ticket sales but also with hiring locals to help set everything up. I got a close up look at the stage and it’s not an easy thing to put together. I was so impressed with the entire production and team. The team is more than just co-workers they are a family, it was apparent by the way that they interacted with one another
. Hayden Milanes has been playing Frankie Valli for the past 3 years on the national tour. A Florida resident, Hayden was at one time part of the Disney team. One night, while watching the Tony awards, it clicked that he needed to be Frankie. He related to the material so much that from that moment on he worked hard to obtain his goal with the guidance of teachers and coaches. Audition after audition he kept on working until finally, after nine call backs and an auditioning with of Bob Gaudio, he got the part. The audience loves him and I have to say I can see why.
Quinn VanAntwerp portrays the living legend Bob Gaudio, the man who wrote all the hits for The Four Seasons. Quinn, originally from Northern California and also an UCI alum, has been playing the role for four years. He got the role as Bob when he was 22 and loves that still after all these years, he’s learning more and more about the character. He’s feels it to be a great honor playing a character over a 40 year time period, especially one that is a living legend, portraying Bob has made him a better performer. With a cast and crew as devoted and energized as the Jersey Boys, no wonder they have such a huge fan base and following.
For more information, please visit or to buy tickets please visit The show runs June 24 – July 13, 2014 at Segerstrom Center for the Arts. Single tickets start at $29.75 and are available online at, at the Box Office at 600 Town Center Drive in Costa Mesa or by calling (714) 556-2787.

I’m an OC mom of two and photographer. I love living in Southern California and want to expose my children to all that it offers. I love taking my kids on adventures and capturing their every moment so much so that my kids find it odd if I don’t take their pictures. You can see my work on
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