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John Wayne Cancer Foundation (JWCF) Educates Youth on Sun Safety

John Wayne Cancer Foundation (JWCF), a nonprofit organization that is committed to fighting cancer through courage, strength and grit, has announced that it will partner with TropicSport, a reef-friendly sunscreen and skin care line, to provide co-branded mineral facesticks to youth across the U.S. while educating youth about the dangers of sun exposure through its skin cancer education program, Block the Blaze.

John Wayne Cancer Foundation

Block the Blaze is funded by JWCF and a leader in youth skin cancer education and prevention, educating nearly 25,000 junior lifeguards every summer and another 50,000 youth in school presentations throughout the year.

Block the Blaze is the official partner of the California Surf Lifesaving Association (CSLSA) to provide skin cancer education to CA junior lifeguards. Now expanded into more than a dozen additional states, the program educates youth through in-person presentations surrounding sun safety and skin cancer with an emphasis on prevention and self-screening.

In addition, participants receive a co-branded JWCF x TropicSport SPF 30 facestick which is water resistant, non-toxic, and ocean and reef-friendly, as well as a JWCF Block the Blaze trucker hat to aid in protecting themselves from the sun.

Throughout the school year, JWCF staff educate students by giving longer, in-depth presentations than those taught during summer. Participants of all Block the Blaze programs learn the “5 Sun Safe Tips” to decrease their risk of developing skin cancer along with the ABCDE’s of melanoma and how to go on “Mole Patrol” (self-screening) each month.

While Block the Blaze summer presentations remain scheduled to take place in-person starting in mid-June, there may be changes to certain details and logistics due to COVID-19. With CA Beaches beginning to reopen, Block the Blaze is anxious to get out on the sand and continue to educate Junior Lifeguards.

For more information about John Wayne Cancer Foundation’s Block the Blaze program, or to participate in an upcoming presentation, please visit online.

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