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Join The OC Mom Blog Team for the 2013 CHOC Walk at Disneyland Resort


What does CHOC Children’s Hospital mean to you? All my life, it was just a hospital that I knew cared for very sick children. The meaning of the hospital changed significantly for me after giving birth to my premature son Tyler. Tyler was a fighter, but without the care from the doctors and nurses at CHOC Children’s Hospital, he would not be here today. We are inviting all of our readers to join team OC Mom Blog on October 13th, at the 2013 CHOC Walk in the Park, to celebrate the lives of all the children who are here today because of the doctors and nurses at CHOC Children’s Hospital.


All of the long days and nights that Tyler spent at CHOC Children’s Hospital while fighting his neutropenia, never felt long to him. The doctors, nurses, and staff at the hospital brought him comfort love and joy like I have never seen before in my life. It was because of the love that they filled his heart with that helped him fight his illness, and become the healthy young boy he is today. The staff at the hospital became, and still remain a part of our family, and we are so grateful for everything they have done for our family.


The CHOC Walk in the Park will help to raise funds so that the doctors, nurses and staff can do even more for the children of CHOC. I will never forget the time that Tyler was fighting the swine flu, and had been at CHOC for over a week. I could see in his eyes that all he wanted was to go play outside at home, but he couldn’t. That was when a man came into the room with a wagon in one hand, and a guitar in the other. He spent an hour singing and playing music with him. It is programs like this that are so vital to the children being cared for at CHOC Children’s Hospital. Participating in the CHOC Walk in the Park, will allow the hospital not only to continue their programs, but add more.


We hope that you join our team on October 13th at the Disneyland Resort. If you cannot attend the walk, we would be honored with any monetary donation made online to benefit CHOC Children’s Hospital.

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  1. This is April Just this past Easter, a Healthy and happy baby. On June 26th 2013 that all changed, she got her first cold so we thought. Her temp went up to 105, she was having trouble breathing, she had parainfluenza, pneumonia and a staph infection. The Staph had gone to her blood in normal people they would most likely just have a fever be put on antibiotics and have to be kept in the hospital for a while. But with our April Lynn that was not the case. Aprils body was shutting down she was losing the fight, she had a white blood count of 700. The normal range when you are sick is 15,000 to 30,000. April was going into septic shock, resulting in her being in the hospital over 80 days and on heart lung bypass life support for 5 of those days. She ended up losing her right leg, the pinky on her right hand, she lost over 40% of her skin, had to have multiple skin grafts and a new prosthetic every year till she is 18 years old. She has to learn to do everything all over again rolling over, sitting up, using her hands, just being a normal baby again. She will require a lot of follow up care from specialist for the rest of her life. Remember how I told you that this doesn’t happen to normal people, well that’s what all of the doctors told us. The in beginning I couldn’t understand what that meant. As time went by doing research I found that millions of people die each year from septic shock. so that wasn’t the rare part, the rare thing that happened in Aprils case is that the particular bacteria that caused April’s septic shock was a bacteria that most of us all carry under our fingernails or in our nose. So what happened to April that this extremely common bacteria took over her body and almost killed her? At this point the doctors are very sure that April has a genetic defect. During her 80 day stay at the hospital the infectious disease doctors did extensive studies, they ruled out the common, uncommon, and the very severe. The doctors believed it would be a very rare genetic defect because she lived her life thus far completely healthy. One day the doctors came in and told us they found something, one of the tests the doctors did came back abnormal. Just like they thought it was a very rare thing that science is just starting to understand. It’s called a Toll-like Receptor defect. The doctors are testing one more time to make sure it wasn’t a false reading but most likely it was the cause of April’s septic shock. So what does that mean you might ask, that means that April will have to be careful her whole life. She will not be able to be a normal child in the sense that she could get just a simple cold and she could die. April’s immune system is compromised this whole thing started with just a cold, we had no time, it hit her hard and it almost killed her. We are looking to the public for help we are hard working people that don’t ask for hand outs but we feel this is a special circumstance we as a family will do everything in our power to provide for April. We consider this fundraiser as another tool in our tool chest. We want to do everything in our power to secure her life and everything she will need throughout. If everyone donates even five dollars we would be able to guarantee any prosthetic, any wheelchair, any specialty bed, any walker, any specialty service needed and anything else that April might ever need. Your help is needed, any amount is much needed and appreciated, please find it in your heart to help this little Angel. God bless

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