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Jon Hamm Embraces His Role in Million Dollar Arm

We attended the interview as a guest of Disney


Photo courtesy of Disney

After filming season six of Mad Men, Jon Hamm, went right over to Mumbai, India to film “Million Dollar Arm.” Having spent the entire month of May in India, the only struggle the talented actor had was dealing with the extreme heat. “It was an immersive experience,” said Hamm.

“It’s a completely different culture, and the guy I played, had to go through all of this, and figure out how to do business in this Country.” Jon Hamm


Photo courtesy of Disney

The film “Million Dollar Arm” is based on a true story. Hamm did not know that the story was a true story before working on the film. “I’m a big baseball fan, but I had not heard of this story,” said Hamm. With Hamm being a baseball fan, are you curious who is favorite team is? “I was born and raised in Saint Louis Missouri, so the Saint Louis Cardinals are hands down my favorite team,” said Hamm.


Hamm is most known for his popular role in the series Mad Men, so we asked him what is was like working on a motion picture film vs. a television series. Hamm told us that making a film is much like working on a pilot for a television series. “Generally making films is a much slower pace. With a television series, you’re shooting seven, eight, nine pages a day because production schedule is that tight. Movies, not so much,” said Hamm.

Traveling can be a lifechanging experience for many people, so we wanted to know how filming “Million Dollar Arm” in India impacted the life of Jon Hamm. “Travel is life-affirming, and eye-opening, and this was certainly no exception,” said Hamm.

“We’ve all seen pictures of the Taj Mahal, when you actually get there, and you’re there in person – it’s in 3D. The sights, smells, heat and everything else makes the experience even more worthwile.” Jon Hamm

Wondering what is Hamm’s favorite part of the movie? “The stuff we shot in India,” said Hamm. There was also a scene towards the end of the film that he really liked when the kids throw J.B. Berstein an Indian themed dinner. “It was the point in the story when J.B. Berstein felt responsibility for these kids by that point in their life, and disappointing them was soul-crushing to him. He was their dad at that point, a surrogate dad,” said Hamm.


Million Dollar Arm will be in theaters this Friday, May 16th!

“We’re trememdously proud of the film.” Jon Hamm

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