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My Journey to Leadership with Girl Scouts of Orange County


From left Voice for Girls Co-Chair Chris Scheuneman, panelists Jessica Kent, Rebeca Sofia Oropeza and Katelyn Keen, Girl Scouts of Orange County CEO Nancy Nygren, panelist Sharleen Loh & Dr. Rita Murray

My journey as a Girl Scout began as a first grade Daisy. I loved my troop and the friendships I made with my Girl Scout sisters. I’ve continued as Girl Scout into high school because this inspiring organization has shown me the power I have to lead and make a positive difference in the world by helping others.

Challenging myself with difficult tasks has been the most rewarding part of my Girl Scout experience. I take things step by step and learn along the way. Even when I fail, Girl Scouts encourages me try again, get better, and achieve my goal.

Taking chances and experiencing failure through opportunities with Girl Scouts help girls become stronger challenge-seekers.
Linking Leadership to Academic Success: The Girl Scout Difference, Girl Scout Research Institute

I’ve developed the confidence to try so many things that I would never have experienced in school. I toured Orange County’s best restaurants and tasted Girl Scout cookie-inspired recipes for OC Restaurant Week. I’ve spoken on a Girl Scout Voice for Girls panel in front of Orange County’s top community and business leaders. And, I’ve learned a lot about goal setting, marketing, and finance as a cookie seller. Of all my accomplishments, I am most proud of are those where I’ve taken action to help others.

91% of Girl Scouts agree that in Girl Scouts, they feel like they can make a difference.
2015 Girl Scout Voices Count survey

In middle school, I received the Girl Scout Take Action Award for completing the Breathe Journey. I created a coloring book and slideshow presentation to teach children about the effects of smoking and how to say no. In high school, I created an anti-bullying campaign for my Girl Scout Silver Award project that taught students about the effects of bullying, how to become aware of the problem, and how to stand up for yourself and others. I shared my presentation with several Fullerton schools and with Fullerton College Counseling and Psychology classes. My presentation received the Girl Scout Take Action Award, the Violet Richardson Soroptimist International Award, and Disney’s Dreamer and Doer Award.

I am now working toward my Gold Award, the highest award in Girl Scouting, to teach middle school students the health benefits of fresh produce and fruit, how to read nutrition labels, and recipes for preparing healthy and affordable lunches.

Girl Scouts is a community of girls, advisors, troop leaders and community members who work together to bring out the best in each other. I am a Girl Scout because I want to teach every girl that they are a force be reckoned with. Girls often get bullied growing up and feel helpless. By joining Girl Scouts, we are able to develop and practice crucial skills that schools don’t teach. Girl Scouts has developed my confidence; it has given me a voice to stand up for my community; and it has helped me become a role model for other girls.

Now is the time to register for Girl Scouts. To share the Girl Scout Leadership Experience with your daughter, please visit To volunteer to support more girls like Rebeca, please visit


Girl Scout Ambassador
Yorba Linda

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  1. Great story. I also was a girl scout when I was younger and wanted to get my daughter involved but I’m really worried because she is allergic to nuts and soy so I wouldn’t want her involved with the girl scout cookie sales. But are there other alternative/options when it comes to raising money/cookie sales?

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