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Juicing in the New Year with Spud Sustainable Produce

Spud Produce Home Delivery Service1

How am I doing starting off the New Year on a healthier note? I am starting to juice once a day. As a mom, it is challenging to get all the required fruits and vegetables I need to stay healthy while chasing after three young children. Juicing will allow me to get all the essential nutrients I need to feel my best, just by replacing one cup of coffee in the morning with veggie juice.

Spud Produce Home Delivery Service2

One of my biggest concerns about juicing was ensuring I had all the necessary fruits and vegetables in my home to prepare my daily juices. When I learned that Spud offered an in-home delivery service there were no more excuses for me.

Spud Produce Home Delivery Service3

I was able to order my juicer and a week supply of fruits and vegetables online at the Spud website. The next week, I had a delivery truck drive-up to my front door to hand delivered my produce. I loved the excellent customer service and care that went into my order.

Spud Produce Home Delivery Service4

When I brought my produce into the house, I was even more surprised to see that Spud had offered recipes to help me with preparing my juices during the week. Spud has different juicing kits available including a beauty kit, cleanse kit, kids kit and more. For the first week, I ordered the beauty juicing kit. Since my face has broken out from all the holiday sugar, this seemed like the best kit for me first begin using.

Spud Produce Home Delivery Service5

I have been juicing with the produce from the Spud delivery service for almost a month, and I feel fantastic! Spud is located in Los Angeles but also delivers here to Orange County on Thursdays.

Spud Produce Home Delivery Service6

Right now, they have a special for local Orange County Moms who want to try ordering home delivery produce from Spud:

During the month of January, if someone signs up to buy a juicer (with weekly installment payments) and 6-months of juicing boxes, we’ll give them a $140 SPUD gift certificate. Alternatively, if someone wants to do a one-time payment on a juicer, we will give them 4 weeks of organic produce free, a $140 value. One offer caters to people who want to commit to a longer term juicing program and the other to people who want to buy a juicer and save on produce for the first month.

Want to try making a beauty juice at home? We have an exclusive Spud recipe to share with you!


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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by SPUD, Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery, a company that sources local and fresh produce for delivery to your doorstep, and I was not compensated, but did receive product for review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Juicing appears to be the “in” diet thing this year. I’m a little bit leery of it, so it’s good to read how much you feel it is helping you.

  2. Great pictures! I am obsessed with juicing. For me, it’s hard to eat something unhealthy during the day if I started out with juice.

  3. wow those veggies look amazing! Hopefully the company will expand and come out to ventura county.. Congrats on sticking with something new that is healthy.

  4. I need to get into juicing…. I want to drop some weight but not the vitamins my body needs….. I like that they supplied you with recipes too.

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