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Jungle Book 2 Comes to Blu-Ray and DVD

Jungle Book 2 BD art

One of our favorite movies since my boys were babies, is Jungle Book.  I was so excited to get the Jungle Book 2 on DVD and Blu-Ray to add to our home movie collection. It is a continuation of the original classic, with all the original characters and some new ones. Mowgli has spent several years in the “man village” growing up, but longs for the fun of the jungle with his friends.  He sneaks off to find Baloo, and Bageera, with a few twists and turns old villains like Sheer Khan and Kaa are defeated, and Mowgli gets to live his life visiting his friends in the jungle and staying with his human friends in the man village.

The use of the old tunes “Bare Necessities”, and “I Want to Be Like You” was so enchanting and brought all the good warm feelings of the original movie and it’s characters, and it really drew me into the story.

It was a perfect movie for us to pop in on a rare rainy day in California and enjoy. My kids have enjoyed watching the movie over and over again, and had become another great Disney film to add to our home movie collection.

Jungle Book 2 is currently available for your family to own on Blu-ray and DVD. The bonus features include:

DELETED SCENES – On-camera intros to each song with EVP, Sharon Morrill and SVP/Music, Matt Walker. “I GOT YOU BEAT” song cut to storyboard & “BRAVER” song cut to storyboard

MUSIC AND MORE – Sing Along with the movie & music videos: “JUNGLE RHYTHM” and “W-I-L-D”

BACKSTAGE DISNEY – Synopsis of The Original Movie – The Jungle Book (short recap of the first story) & The Legacy of The Jungle Book – discover how the original animated film influenced the look, feel and story of the new movie

Rebecca is a stay at home mom of 2 boys with Autism that keep her very busy. She has been writing her blog “The Real Moms of OC” for 2 years. She is a wife, mom, slayer of dragons, CEO of the home, bus driver, maid, short order cook and princess. She also runs through the mud and half marathons. She managed with the help of an amazing medical team to beat breast cancer and is thankfully cancer free for 3 years.
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