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Kaiser Permanente is Focused on Wellness


Kids at Kaiser

Our family has always had traditional insurance. Every year, during open enrollment, we begin to start looking at our different healthcare options. Since our family has had many struggles with health related issues over the years, healthcare is an important topic of discussion. With our open enrollment just around the corner, I decided to look into the option of trying Kaiser Permanente insurance.

Visiting Kaiser

I have heard many good and bad things about Kaiser Permanente over the years, but after our adopted daughter was born in a Kaiser Permanente hospital, I realized that most of the negativities I had heard about Kaiser Permanente were false, and we had a great experience with the birth of my daughter.

Kaiser check-in process

I made an appointment to meet with a Kaiser Permanente physician and tour the beautiful Kaiser Permanente location in Irvine. When I arrived at the location, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the facility. The building was bright and decorated with cool colors that made me feel at peace vs. stressed when I go to my regular doctor.

Kaiser physician

The check-in process was smooth, and they even have electronic check-in kiosks to make the arrival process seamless. Within minutes of checking in, I was brought into the office where I met with one of the many talented Kaiser Permanente physicians. She spent over an hour talking with me about how the Kaiser Permanente system works, and how they can provide stellar, affordable healthcare all under one roof.

Learning about Kaiser

Doctor's appointment at Kaiser

I learned that the doctors at Kaiser Permanente are focused on preventative care, and keeping families healthy. They send reminders to their patients to come in for routine testing, and the doctors are available for their patients by email at any time to answer questions. If your child has something minor happening like a funny rash, you can email a picture to your doctor, and they will let you know if it is something severe enough to bring them in for an appointment. The doctors don’t want families to need to come in to see them unless it’s necessary.

Kaiser doctor doing a physical

Check-up at Kaiser

After meeting with the physician, she gave me a simple exam. She listened to my lungs, heart, breathing, and ordered a set of labs. I don’t like going to the doctor, and especially needing to have lab work done because of the long waits. When planning a doctor appointment, I have to block off my entire day, but that is not necessary at Kaiser Permanente. They work efficiently at Kaiser Permanente and have a system in place where families don’t have to spend long periods of time in waiting rooms. She ordered my labs, and the wait time to have my blood taken was less than 10 min. vs. the 2-3 hour wait at my regular blood lab.


Getting blood work done at Kaiser

kid getting blood done at Kaiser

Following my exam, I took a tour of the facility. They have everything in one place so that families don’t have to drive everywhere to care for their medical needs. There was a hospital, emergency room, pharmacy, and blood lab all at the one location. There is also a cafeteria with all healthy options (no fried hospital food), and a wellness store.

Kaiser Cafeteria

The main thing that I took away from my visit to Kaiser Permanente is that they are a healthcare system that is focused on wellness. I loved everything I learned about Kaiser Permanente, and they are now my number one choice in health care for my family during our upcoming open enrollment. If you’re not happy or just want to look into other options for your family healthcare, I encourage you to schedule an appointment to tour your local Kaiser Permanentefacility.

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