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How To Keep Your Car Looking Like New

When we buy a new car, we love the shiny exterior and how the seats are clean. But over time, it can get grubby and look dated. However, there is a way to keep your car looking better for longer, but it does require a bit of maintenance on your part.


As the part of your car that has contact with the road, your wheels can get dirty very quickly. This build up of road dirt can damage your wheels, especially if you live near a coast or during the winter. Why? Because salt can be very corrosive. Keep your car looking better for longer with some mag wheels and fresh tires. Fresh tires always make a car look great. And if you can invest in some new wheels to replace ones which have been scuffed, it will look even better.

Wax on

Waxing your car might seem like one of those unnecessary jobs but it helps to preserve the clear coating over your car’s paintwork. There is a lot of such that can damage the paintwork such as saltwater, bird poop, and the weather. Having a coat of wax on your car can help to reduce the damage and keep your paintwork looking better for longer. Waxing your car yourself can be a bit of a hassle, but it is possible to have it done by a professional once a month. This can help keep your bodywork looking better for longer.


Over time, your lights can become dirty and foggy, so they will need to be cleaned. This can be done by removing the cover and clearing out any bugs and leaves that may have been collected. Not only does this keep your car looking better, it makes it safer to drive too. Getting the headlights off can be a bit of hassle because they have to be screwed off and attached properly again. It is worth your while taking your car into a garage once every six months and having a professional clean it for you. However, some car detailing companies can include this as part of their package.

Clean seats

We all know that kids are the worst when it comes to getting food into their mouths, so if we let them eat in the car, it will eat up a mess. This can be tough and the car seats always end up a complete mess. Giving the car a quick vacuum once a week can help to keep the seats looking better but you might have to get them washed every so often. Food can go mouldy and damage the fabric of your seats so you might need a professional steam clean if you leave it for too long.

There you have! These are a few small things that you can do to keep your car looking like new for longer. Sometimes you can do it yourself but don’t be afraid to hire a professional car cleaner every so often to give your car a good once over.

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