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How to Keep Your Family Cool When the Heat Wave Comes to Your Neighborhood

As years get hotter and hotter, it becomes more and more important to keep your whole family cool and safe. Babies, small kids, and teens are all sensitive to hot weather. It takes a toll on everyone. Hot weather is also troublesome for elders, as many of them can experience heat strokes and dehydration.

Keeping Cool in Summer

Even those who love the sun know that the heat often rises a bit too much — particularly if you work or reside in places that don’t have air-conditioning.

Fortunately, in this post, we’ll share some of the best ways to keep your whole family cool and safe from heatwaves.

Fan the Fans

Although a bit retro, box and ceiling fans are the absolute tools for keeping your house and family cool if your home doesn’t have air-conditioning. If you place a box fan near your window at night and point it outdoors, this will act as an exhaust system that pushes hot air outside and enables colder night-time air to enter your house. On the other hand, a ceiling fan will help with air circulation in your house, stopping cooler air from being stuck near the floor.

Restrict Your Family’s Outdoor Activities

As much as you kids keep complaining and want to go run around outside, it’s beyond crucial that you keep them inside. Do your small ones really want to go outside? This is ok, but only if you let them do so early in the morning while it still isn’t that hot outside. You can also let them play outside when it’s close to sunset.

However, even if you let them play outside during these hours, you should still watch their reactions. Let them rest a lot in shady places, so their bodies have a chance to recover. In addition, you should definitely not let them play outside during the hours when the sun is the strongest — between 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM. During this time, the hot weather is beyond detrimental to our bodies.

Soak Everyone’s Feet

The cold water is your ally during hot weather. One of the best ways to keep the heat is to fill a basin or bucket with cold water from the bathroom and dip your feet in it. When you cool your feet, your whole body will also remain cool during heatwaves.

You can also use cold baths and shower for the same reason. If a bucket or basin isn’t working for you, you may also use a wet bandana or towel you can wear on your head or back to keep cool.

Make Your Own Air-conditioning

If you want to make your own air-conditioning, you’ll discover this isn’t hard. In fact, it is as easy as placing a fan in front of a bucket of cold water. As the air the fan pushes goes over the cold surface of the iced water, it will also cool down, which in turn helps lower the overall temperature of the room. If you want to cool yourself, even more, place the fan, so it directly pushes the cold air toward you.

Keep Your House in the Shadows

There are a couple of things you can accomplish around your house to keep it cooler during heatwaves. Some of the best tricks are:

Close your blinds during heat peaks (11:00 AM – 3:00 PM).
Open your windows until heat peaks.
Keep your curtains closed — especially if they have light colors.
Open up your doors, so your room doesn’t get too hot.

Keep Everyone Hydrated

This tip is especially important for kids and the elderly. They get dehydrated more easily and suffer greater consequences ‘cause of it. In other words, it’s crucial that everyone drinks enough fluids and doesn’t wait until they feel thirsty. Every athlete will tell you that when you’re feeling thirsty, you’re already well on your way to dehydration.

Although your children may want to take a soda pop, juice, or other sweetened drink, water is a way better solution during hot weather. As a matter of fact, sweetened drinks and sugars inside them will make you even more thirsty and dehydrated.

If you want to make your kids drink more water, you should be a popsicle pusher in hot weather. Even better, let your children swirl it around in a glass of water and create a “popsicle water.” If they do want a sugary drink, give ‘em a slushie at the end of the day.

Consume Cooler, Watery Foods

This advice goes hand in hand with keeping everyone hydrated. Dehydration is one of the major risks of hot weather. It happens when your body starts losing more fluid than it takes in. Some of the starting symptoms include feelings of thirst, being dizzy, dry mouth, or having darker urine.

Besides drinking more water and avoiding sugary drinks, you should also avoid hot caffeinated beverages such as coffee and tea. The same is true for alcoholic drinks — these will only make dehydration worse.

It’s better that you eat foods with high water content such as strawberries, melons, grapefruits, cucumbers, and lettuce. These will keep the dehydration away!

You Should Check Your Family Frequently

While on the subject of dehydration, you should check your elderly and kids regularly during hot weather. See how they’re handling the heat. If they seem to be taking it hard, put your kids under a cool shower. Or give ‘em a cool cloth to rest on their necks and backs. You toddler may even enjoy being given a little bowl of cool water and playing “bird bath” in hot weather.

Don’t Exert Yourself During Hot Weather

This one is all about you. Do take it easy during heat waves. When you do, even the least exerting activities during hot weather will create more discomfort. Doing them too much, and you’re well on your way toward dehydration.

Try to take it easy. Relax. Go to the coolest room in your house and stay there for an hour or two.

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