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How to Keep Your Garage Organized this Summer Season?

Your car is one of the most expensive investments you make after saving for years. Leaving your car outside the garage is not a good idea. This will damage the car due to UV exposure, bird dropping, or any tree leaves falling on the car. You can use organized methods and ideas to store things in your garage.

Hope Harbor Rip Tide

This helps to organize your garage and keep it safe and clean. Take one full day to set up and effectively organize the garage. It is a good idea to adopt the decluttering method and involve your family members to assist you in the same. It is not a good idea to keep too much stuff in the garage which is kept in an unorganized manner. You can use 3 baskets to segregate stuff stored in your garage. Segregation categories can be stuff to sell, donate, and stuff to keep.

Keep Things Away from the Garage Floor

Never clutter your garage floor, keep it as free and movable as possible. This helps to optimally utilize the space by creating shelves or cabinets to store necessary supplies related to the garage. This can have items like sports equipment, carpentry tools, and plastic bins to throw garbage. You can also store gardening equipment if you have more space that requires utilization.

Use a Floor Plan for Your Garage

Design a floor plan to utilize every corner of the garage appropriately. This helps you to store homogenous products together. E.g. you have stored gardening tools along with gardening chemicals in your garage. You have stored lubricating oil and tools to repair your car.

Classify Each Item In Separate Bins

The best way to organize your garage is to use separate plastic bins (check out Container Store) with colorful lids to stock different items in hardware. You should have a cabinet or a cupboard to store harmful chemicals which you want to keep away from your children. You can store water cans or hose pipes to water plants in the garage. Use hangers or hooks to store such items. You can also store manure, compost for your garden if you have a big garage.

Use Open Shelves Rather Than Closed Cabinets

Open shelves are cost-effective and they also allow you to become more organized and access your garage tools or other hardware items easily in a systematic and organized manner. This way you will remain organized and avoid cluttering the garage once again.

Buying a Backyard Shed to Help With Space

Creating space in a small garage by buying and installing a pre-assembled backyard shed (check out Arrow Sheds) gives you more room to store items or garage supplies in this shed. This can get attached to your garage as an extension and create ample space to store necessary garage items which are required on a daily or weekly basis.


Storing things in the garage can get done in an organized manner. You can create more space by adding a backyard shed to extend more space in the garage which helps you store hardware items and another kind of tools which are required for repair work in the house and create more space to organize and classify items. You must ensure there is always optimum utilization of space so that no space looks shabby or unorganized in the garage.

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