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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Keep Your Kids Connected to Nature with SmarTrike

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Dana Point Nature Interpretive Center 9

Keeping your kids active outdoors plays a key role in their development. Children can explore the world around them and stay active with the help of SmarTrike. The revolutionary product grows with your child’s development from 10 months to 3 years of age.


Children learn through their senses. By taking your children on a walk through the neighborhood with a SmarTrike on a daily basis, you’ll discover the world through the eyes of your child. While outside, they can learn so much from feeling the different textures of leaves and trees while being outside with their parents. They’ll use their ears to hear the birds and their skin to feel the wind on their face. Nurture your child’s curiosity by doing the simplest things like stopping to watch a snail walk across the sidewalk or bumblebee collecting nectar from a flower.


The SmarTrike will help your children to be comfortable while outside. It features a shade to protect your children from harsh UV rays, padded seat and storage for their sand toys to bring to the park. It has a patented steering technology that helps parents to steer their children around the neighborhood smoother than a stroller.


SmarTrike is the perfect toddler holiday gift. It will help to encourage parents and children to go outside and create lifelong memories together.

SmarTrike products begin at $99.99 and can be shipped all over the world. To shop smarTrikes, visit our website: or your local Target and Toys ’R Us. Each smarTrike comes in a variety of designs and colors tailored to fit your personal taste and your child’s needs.

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