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Keep Kids Indoors When the Weather is Bad: Strategies for Winter

When the weather isn’t playing nicely outside, having an indoor day is easy for grownups. You can have a binge day with your favorite Netflix series, finally, read the book you wanted to for the past month or even read this post about your online bingo site. However, keeping kids indoors when the weather is bad can be difficult. There are a variety of strategies parents can use to make sure that children stay safe inside during these times, especially if there’s a lot of snow or ice on the ground. 

Game Night

Organize a game night where everyone brings their favorite board games. Kids love playing new games. Try out different versions of checkers or Monopoly for an added twist on traditional games. It’s important to rotate between quick and longer rounds, so they all get a chance to play several times before someone wins three in a row. Play card games like Crazy Eights or War. These games are simple to learn, and kids can get pretty competitive with them.

Movie Marathon

Have a movie marathon! Pop some popcorn, order in pizza, and spend the day watching your child’s favorite flicks. This is always a fun way to bond and relax together. 

Homemade Treats

Make homemade pizzas, cookies, or brownies together in the kitchen. Not only will they enjoy cooking with you, but they’ll also love eating their delicious creations. Aprons make it easy for little ones to help out without getting messy. 

Get Crafty

Have an arts and crafts day where you make homemade cards, ornaments, or picture frames. This is also an excellent opportunity to use up any leftover holiday decorations from previous years. Glue guns are optional but always lots of fun.

Break Out The Legos

Legos or any other construction toys are perfect for when it’s too cold outside to play ball or go on a nature walk. Building towers, houses, and cars can keep kids entertained for hours on end. 


One of the simplest things to do is just read books together. Cuddle up on the couch and read one after another until it’s time for bed. Kids love the attention, and you get to spend quality time together in a relaxed environment. You can even try reading books about winter or other holiday-themed stories that teach kids lessons.


Schedule regular playdates with friends who live close by. This will give your kids something to look forward to and provide a chance for them to get some fresh air (and socialize) without going outside. Just make sure that any outdoor activities are done in an area where it’s safe to play (like a playground, park, backyard).

Alternative Indoor Activities

If all else fails and your child is driving you crazy from being cooped up indoors, try taking them on a fun family outing to the mall, skating rink, or another nearby attraction. Just be prepared for crowds if you choose this option.

It can be challenging to keep children entertained and occupied indoors when the weather is terrible. Yet, with a little creativity and a sense of adventure, you can make indoor play fun for all ages.

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